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33 advanced search engine commands

33 advanced search engine commands to perform a targeted search, filtering and saving time

If you’re like us, use Google or Bing several times a day – it’s great. But .. happened you entered a keyword and did not find what you wanted? Maybe you searched for a something more specific topic? To optimize your search and to save you time, you will know how it is possible to search using advanced search engine commands, such as weather, local time, currency translation, and a variety of methods.

How does it work? Quite simply using the search box on the homepage usual, just like you normally use, you can add symbols, numbers, letters and words in order to optimize your search.

We have prepared for you advanced search engine commands:

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1. Search Exact Phrase

Use quotation marks (quotes) to search for an exact phrase, including the order of the words. For example: “Search on Google”, you will find information with this exact phrase.

2. Revocation of keyword

Need to filter any search word from appearing with keywords? For example: Search women’s shoes -men – Result: Search for information that women’s shoes and not men’s shoes.

3. Search text with missing words

If you do not remember a word, or you want to find phrases that used by the internet, use an asterisk *, for example, “Microsoft * LinkedIn”.

4. Search one or more keywords

If you want to find comprehensive information about your keywords or both using the OR command. For example, iPhone 7 OR 6, will give you information on the iPhone or iPhone 6 or 7 or both.

5. Internal Search

To locate information within a specific Web site, you must type in: site: example.com + keyword. For example, You are looking to find information about Shoes on Amazon, type site:amazon.com shoes.

6. Search words in the title

If you are looking for information or an article, but you want the words to appear in the title of the link, use allintitle: + words themselves (or intitle:). For example: intitle: Google Bing. The result will give you all the sites that appear this words in the title of the site.

7. Search Words in URL

If you want to look for words on the link itself, use the allinurl: + keyword (or inurl :). For example search: inurl:analytics will give you the result of all the sites appears the word analytics in the link.

8. Search words in text

If you are trying to find specific words that appear in the text, you must use the command allintext: + words (or intext :), for example, Search for, intext: Google search engines Facebook. You get the sites where there are the words: Google, Facebook, engines, Search.

9. Advanced Integration

You can combine multiple commands together to get the desired results. For example, allinurl: “search engines” -keyword.

10. Similar Sites

If you would like to search for similar websites based on the content you need to use the command related: + site, for example: related: facebook.com give you the content of sites similar to Facebook.

11. Backlinks

Look backlinks to any website with a link: function Example: link: www.google.com.

12. Search for information by file type

For more information about any content at sites such as PDF, Excel, Word, etc., you can use the command: filetype: + file type and search word. For example, filetype: pdf twitter 2016. You will get information such as financial statements of Twitter and so on.

13. The range of numbers

If you want to seek information from a range of numbers added 2 points (..) the sequence of numbers, it can be price, distance and so on.

14. Results by location

If you are looking for pages by geographic location use loc: command. For example, loc:Moskow pub.

15. Synonyms

Use the tilde before the word search for information also synonymous search terms. For example, ~search, also gives information on looking for.

16. Information

Look for information on the site as a function info: + link.

17. Weather

Weather search directly in Google used the word Weather + city. For example, Weather London.

18. IP address

Type IP Adress finding your IP address.

19. Stocks

Want to know what Google’s stock price? Type a stock and its symbol. For example, Facebook Type Stock FB, (sometimes without stock works).

20. Cache

This cache that Google scanned version of the site recently. Use cache command: For example, cache:yahoo.com.

21. Calculator

Want to know how it 458 * 850? May take other actions such as addition, subtraction, division, etc.? Type a search engine directly from the equation, or simply type calculator. For example: a calculator or 22-15> Result: 7.

22. Currency

Flying to Europe? Need to know the rate of exchange in any country, what is the rate of the euro. To know what exchange rate you type in the search box dollar or euro. If you would like to use the table of exchange rates, usually works on google.com, type currency.

23. Translation

Use Google Translate? It’s nice, but you can translate words directly from the Google search box. There are several methods to do this, a preferred method is: ([word that wants to translate] translated into [language you want]) – for example, the search: translate school to Russian >> The result: Школа.

24. Glossary

To get an interpretation of a word? You must use the word Define + the word itself. And you will get a brief explanation. For example, define frequency – will get an explanation of the word.

25. World time

Need to contact someone from another country? Want to know what time it is now in any country? Quite simply, type in the search box: time + state / city / location specific. For example, time in new york.

26. Conversions

How many kilometers is one mile? How many seconds in one year and more .. You can use words in – to, for example, Type: kg to lbs or unit converter, calculator and you will get a conversion.

27. Food comparison

Want to compare an apple and an orange? Use the command vs the search words.

28. Flights

Checking the status of your flight, you can register your flight number and you can search for information. For example, Dal163.

29. Timer / Stopwatch

Type a timer or stopwatch to get started. Usually, works on google.com in English.

30. Sunrise / Sunset

Type a sunrise or sunset, and location and you get when the sun rises or sets.

31. Sports

Want to learn, play, result, location, League of a football game? Just type Manchester United F.c. and you will get the information.

32. Colors

Do you have a specific color code? Type it in, and you can change colors directly from the Google search. For example: #000000 or RGB (0, 0, 0).

33. Bonus

Want to enter the first search result? Type keywords and click “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

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