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Best Domain Name Generators

Choosing a domain name is not easy at all. How many times have you experienced the case you thought of a domain name, tried to search for it to purchase and suddenly – the domain is busy? It’s exhausting and tiresome. When you’re looking for a domain, you want it as short as possible, unique, a catchy domain and also available with the extension you want, especially the classic extension (.com). But, once you start you see that the domain is already busy, you start the search again. (Tip: we will talk about the best domain name generators here, they all are free and online).

A busy domain may already be with an active website, or simply a domain purchased in order to sell it at a higher price (a lot higher) and to profit from it, there is an entire industry with that.

When the domain you’re looking for is busy, you have 4 options:

  1. Contacting the domain owner to try purchasing it from him.
  2. Allowing someone to search for you the domain on sites like Fiverr.
  3. Continue searching in the same way as you have searched so far.
  4. Continue searching in another way.

In this article, we will discuss the best domain name generators for you so you can search faster for the domain you want. Of course, in order to choose the best domain for you, it is very important to keep some important rules in choosing a domain to avoid mistakes

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What are a Domain Name Generators?

Domain Name Generator is a service that allows you to create a domain for you according to different criteria that you define and according to the capabilities of the system. For example, you can specify that you want to have only available domains (for immediate purchase), setting domains with .com suffix, and more.

There are a number of generators as we will present them here, each one has his own strengths and has his own weaknesses. In order to get the best results for you, you may want to try out a number of domain name generators.

List of the best domain name generators

This list includes the best domain name generators we found, if you think is missing here, you can tell us in response 🙂

1. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is one of the best domain name generators. The beginning is simple, you must type a keyword in the search bar and then click on “Search Domains”. Search results can be from a few dozen domains to thousands of domains with a .com suffix. Also, with this tool you can also do:

  • Sorting results according to popularity, length, and order of the alphabet.
  • Adding domains to favorites.
  • Share on social networks.
  • Domain availability check.
  • Register directly through multiple vendors.

Incidentally, this domain name generator is owned by Automattic, they are the team behind several other websites and services including WordPress.com.

2. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator allows you to find a free domain (not just for an e-commerce store). To use the tool, you must type a keyword in the search bar and then click on the “Name Generator” button. You’ll also find thousands of domains available for immediate purchase, with extensions, not just .com.

Of course, if you click on the domain you liked, you can open an e-commerce store, but if you do not want it, you can buy it from an outside vendor.

3. Panabee

Panabee is catchy website name generator and very interesting domain generator that allows you to generate a business name, a domain name, and availability check domain name. When you type a keyword in the search bar (Panabee recommend even 2 words), you get a complete list of business names.

The tool generates different keyword biases, adds or removes letters, and different endings. If the domain is busy, you will get a broken red heart, if the domain is available, you will get a whole blue heart. It also allows you to:

  • Other domain extensions – You can select any other extension you want. For example, com, net, org, and so on.
  • Related Keywords – If you do not find what you want, you can choose a keyword similar to what you typed and search again.
  • User Name Availability – This tool also allows you to check the availability of your social network username: Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

By the way, if you liked a name, and it was not available with the extension you wanted, you might think about purchasing another extension (even if it does not appear in this domain name generator).

4. Bust a Name

Bust a Name allows you to search for a domain and generate a business name, domain name, and availability. You can create a domain that starts with or ends with the keyword you want. Create domains that sound and look more natural or less naturally. You can also limit the number of characters for the domain you’re looking for.

With this tool you can also:

  • Filter and check availability of different extensions com / net / info / org / biz.
  • Filter to get even non-available domains.
  • Save domains to favorites.
  • Create a domain name randomly.

Once you find the domain you want, click on it, you can buy it from a few suppliers. This is one of the simple domain name generators.

5. Name Mesh

Name Mesh is one of the domain name generators for a business you can get creative domain name ideas. It is highly recommended to enter 2-3 different keywords to get the best result. The tool will give you several ideas that are arranged in a very long list and divided by different criteria, such as very short domains, popular domains, new suffixes, similar domain names and more.

Also, with the tool, you can filter registered domains to get the available domains, limit the number of characters in the domain, choose a different domain registrar, and reset the settings.

6. Domains Bot

Domains Bot allows you to generate a domain and check the availability of domains with different extensions. Also, if your domain is busy and can be sold by Sedo, you can also see it and get the price of the domain.

To start, type a keyword in the search field, and then click search. On the results page, you’ll get the list of domains available for purchase. On the right, you can edit your search results in the following ways:

  • Add / remove domain extensions.
  • Choose your domain language.
  • You can add synonyms and remove words that the tool has found.
  • Add a prefix to a domain name.
  • Add a suffix to a domain name.
  • Sort by recommendations or check availability.

7. Name Station

Name Station is a very nice tool that includes domain name generator, instant availability check and more. When you enter the site, you must type a keyword in the search field and then click on “generator” will give you ideas for domains. If you sign up for an account for free, you can also see an instant check of availability without manual check.

In the results table, when you click similar, you’ll get domains similar to the one you clicked on. On the left side, you can filter and check out more options of complex word prefix and suffix, similar names, words with special additions. You can also get random domain names and more. The other part is, you can perform an advanced search with special filters.

Another nice thing, you can create a contest, and ask the members of the community of the site to create a domain name for you.

8. NameFresh

Domain name generators like NameFresh allows you to find an available name by entering one or two keywords in the search box. The search results will then show you all kinds of available domains for purchase with .com, net, or org extensions. Very easy to use, except the downside that you can not edit the search results.

9. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator allows 2 types of domain name generators. The first option is to create a domain name consisting of 2 words according to the categories listed on the site. When you click on the combination button, the tool will try to combine all the options on one side with the other side, and you will find an available domain with the .com extension. (Tip: You can also add your own words or simply copy any list of words to one side and list to the other and simply combine them).

The second option is to create a business name where you can randomly get all sorts of names for a Web 2.0 business, but you’ll need to check if they are available separately.

10. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search A very nice tool that allows you to generate an available domain name with a .com suffix. In order to start, a keyword must be entered in the search field. The search is instantaneous and variable as you type. It also provides suggestions for names similar to the keyword you entered. You can also save to favorites you liked and view later.

11. Domain Scope

Domain Scope allows you to generate an available domain name and also find more domains. To get started, type a keyword in the search bar and then show you both available and purchased domains. In the search results, of course, you can edit the search, choose whether to display numbers and dashes in the domain, whether the domain will be related to a geographic location, select domain, and language extensions.

In addition, under the search, you’ll see a “Keyword lab” that lets you search for related keywords, keywords translated into other languages, and other extensions that you can add to your domain. With the tool you can also:

  • Save domain names to favorites.
  • Purchase from a huge selection of registrars.
  • Multiple domain selections.
  • Download to CSV file.

Finally, this tool also allows you to find free domains by trends, free domains with traffic, and domains that have recently expired.

12. Name Stall

Name Stall allows you to create a domain name and find an available domain similar to several tools here. To start, enter the search word in the appropriate field, then select a group of words (a large selection of different word groups by field of interest, popular words, etc.), then choose whether or not the keyword will appear at the start of the domain name or at the end and then which domain extensions are of interest to you, you can select up to 4 extensions at the same time.

13. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler helps to find an available domain name using the names generator. To get ideas, you’ll need to enter a few keywords and separate them with a comma. The tool will combine the words to find all possible domains, you will get ideas for domains both free and busy.

You can search in several ways, divided by difficulty and variance. You can also mark all extensions of the domains you’re interested in.

14. Nameboy

Nameboy is an additional names generator that allows you to combine 2 keywords to find an available domain for you, you can also make creative domain name ideas. Search results will show you different combinations of keywords with available domains and domains. The information can be obtained from 4 possible extensions: com, net, org, info.

The tool also allows you to add a hyphen between the middle of the word or creating a rhyme, so you can get cool website names list.

15. Domain Hole

Domain Hole allows creating domain names in several forms, it is random domain name generator. In order to start entering a keyword, then select another word to be added (the word can be from a particular sector or popular words), choose whether the additional word will be at the beginning or at the end of the domain name, choosing a domain suffix and sorting option.

The second option is designed if you do not have a specific keyword for your domain, the second tool is for you. The tool will generate a list of available domains for purchase and some are taken.

16. 123Finder

123finder allows you to type the search word and receive all domains in alphabetical order. In search results, the tool will show you advanced options such as entering keywords, showing keyword-related domains, domains that start with the keyword, end it or include it in the middle of a word. You can also filter the minimum and maximum characters in the domain name. You can select the desired domain extension. Remove and add not available domains. Finally, do you want to include dashes and numbers in your domain.

In the search results, you will get all the domains as you have defined, in alphabetical order. A question mark will appear next to a busy domain, and clicking on it will open you who is the owner of the domain.

17. Domainr

Domainr allows you to search anonymously without saving and tracking the search. The tool is domain name generator and will also help you find different extensions and create a nice domain name. If your domain name is busy, it’s blue, green domains are blank. If your domain is available for purchase, you’ll see “For sale.”

We thought it will be nice to add this tool to the domain name generators list.

18. Domain Typer

Domain Typer allows you to check domain availability in a quick and professional manner and of course, it is very easy to use. Once you start typing keywords, the tool starts providing you with information whether or not your domain is available. If your domain is available, you’ll see a green, busy domain in red. In addition, you can add additional domain name extensions and purchase them directly from one of the vendors listed there (including price information).

Also, with this tool, you can also build username availability in a large variety of social networks (very important) and of course add favorites. Finally, if the domain you requested is busy, you can see similar searches.

19. Cool Name Ideas

Cool Name Ideas allows you to create a name for a business but it also provides an option to check the availability of a domain. In order to start, write down a word or a few words that provide a description of your business. Next, what type of business, what your business provides, what business style, and finally the desired domain extension.

The tool will begin providing you with domain names that can be purchased. It will also help you understand whether your Twitter username is available or not.

20. Domain Name Brain

Domain Name Brain allows you to locate domains and generate domain names with multiple extensions. To start, type a keyword in the search bar and then click on the search button. If the domain is busy, you can check Who Is, or alternatively click on the keyword, will show you a list of domain names.

You can edit your search (it does not seem obvious) at the top of the page. In the Settings section, you can check what we want to filter and sort, whether to request a list of domains, Domain Hack. Sort the results by popularity, short to long (and vice versa), A to Z (and vice versa) or randomly.

Another nice thing, you can create a domain name by adding a few words taken from their repository, for example, adjectives + technology words. Will show you a mixture of words, so you can also search for an available domain.

You can also add a domain to favorites to check it later. The only downside is that you should check domain availability for each domain separately (so it takes a lot of time). If the domain is available, you can purchase it through a provider that they allow you, or through another provider.


We are sure that at least one of the list of best domain name generators (and hope this is a place for good website names list) written above will help you create and locate the domain you so wanted. We invested in this article and checked all these tools before we published them. If you find another interesting tool, we would be happy if you respond, we will check it out.

While finding a domain name for you is only one step, now the stage of acquiring the domain. It is important to note that you are not required to purchase the domain from one of domain name generators, but you can choose any domain registrar and purchase through it. The next step is to purchase domain hosting for your domain so you can use email and build a website.

But that’s not all (it will be short and to the point). Buying a domain and purchasing web hosting is great, but the last step in this is building a website. In order to create a high-quality website, you must choose a company that can provide you with the understanding of your needs and requirements and really matches them with the website.

We invite you to join our clientele and get a website that will solve all your worries and help you market yourself to receive new customer inquiries. Of course, as our customer, you will get full responsibility for the service and comprehensive guidance. Leave details through the contact form below: