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How to Use the Button Call to Action on Facebook Correctly

For those of you who have a presence on social networks, do you have a call to action on Facebook on your business page?

If you do not understand what this is about, you need to know that you miss another opportunity to get your target audience to do something with your brand. If you have not yet opened a business page for your business or company, this is the time, you will read a complete guide on how to set up a business page on Facebook and then you can continue reading this article.

What is Call to Action?

Call to action is one or more words that appear on your marketing channel and its goal is to get your target audience and potential customers to do any marketing action with your business/brand. In other words, it’s one or more words to speed up the conversion or sale of your business and it can appear anywhere your brand has a presence.

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In this article, we will focus on the button call to action on Facebook, but you are welcome to read an article about call to action buttons.

So, what is the call to action on Facebook?

A call to action on Facebook is a button that appears on your business page and aims to get your target audience to take action with your business. These people may be those who follow your page, those that have liked the page or other target audience that may find you on Facebook in various ways.

A Facebook action button appears at the top of the page and below the cover image (on some pages, this button can also be in the cover image). By clicking on it, you can edit the button, remove and change from time to time.

Why use this button?

Because the call to action button on Facebook is at the top of the page, it is very visible and can be used for various purposes. This is a great opportunity to market you, your new product, the unique service you provide, to show customers a video or bring them to your business, contact you and more.

The added benefit is that you can get information and analyzes about the button’s clicks, whether it is relevant to the target audience or not, whether it is attractive, and whether it is worth changing.

What types of buttons for call to action on Facebook can be added?

Facebook offers a wide range of call to action buttons so that all businesses and companies with a business page can add the most appropriate button for them. Here we will list the different buttons and what they do so that you can adjust the button that best suits you.

To see which types, click the blue “+ Add a Button” button on the business page. Here are the details that you will see at this stage:

Book Now

The book now button is under Book Services. With this call to action button, you can send people to your site to continue to order your service. For example, if you offer hotel services, tourism or similar service. You can use this button.

To use the button, click on “Order now”, then click the link to your site and then click “Add button”.

Start Order from Third Party Services

If you use any third party services that work with Facebook, you can send people to purchase products or services directly from this provider. When we talk about third-party vendors, we mean different sites like HomeAdvisor and so on.

To use the button, click “+ See Options” below the book services, then select the vendor, and click “Add service”, you will be transferred to the third party provider, when you confirm the connection between Facebook and provider back to Facebook, where you Add the button.

Call Now

The Call Now button helps people by pressing the button once to open the call log to call you. Please note that only those who use the app or mobile browser will be able to open the call log. However, those from a desktop browser (PC), will be able to see the contact phone number with the mouse over the button.

This can be effective if you have a customer service center or a sales center or if you are available to receive calls from existing and potential customers.

To add the button click “Call now” and then select the country code and enter the phone number, at the end press “Add button”.

Contact Us

This button makes people reach your website or landing page to leave contact information for a return. If you do not receive incoming calls and the order is made after a quotation, this is the option for you.

To add click on “Contact Us” and then click the link to the contact page or landing page and then click Add button.

Send Message

This is a Facebook call to action button that makes people leave a private message to your business page. If you manage your page professionally, it can be a nice tool to start a conversation, because people do not have to leave Facebook to leave details or to contact you.

To add this button, click “Send Message”, then you can choose whether you want to turn on Instant Replies or not, and then click Add button.

Instant replies are automatic answers sent as soon as the user leaves you a message. When you select “Turn on Instant Replies” you can post a message to them automatically, and you can add custom parameters such as user’s first name, last name, phone and more. It can be great if you want to save time and streamline the service, you can write a message such as: “Thank you for contacting us, to provide the service, please add us a phone, email and any other information.” Or another message you feel better.

Sign Up

A sign-up button can help you lead people to a page on your site or landing page where they can subscribe to a service such as a newsletter signup, trial registration for a service, and more.

To add this button click “Register”, add a link to the site and then click “Add button”.

Get Quote

This call to action on Facebook helps your audience get a more effective bid. If you offer different services that require a quote, this is a wonderful tool. In two words this button is a “lead form” which means a contact form is embedded without leaving Facebook.

To add this button click on “Get Quote” in the next section. Select the form title (required field). The name of your business page will appear by default. Below this, you can add an introduction of about 200 characters where you can specify the purpose of this contact form and what they should expect if they fill it. Then choose the user’s contact information, which is a phone number, email address, and residential address (a full name will always appear by default), and you can add up to 3 open questions where you can ask a general question to continue the process. One open question, a must.

Then click “Next” and there you can see a preview of the form if all is correct click “Add button”.

When a user leaves information, you will receive it as a message to your business page.

Send Email

The last option under the “Get in Touch” section is to send an e-mail. When a user clicks this button, they can send an email directly to you. This can be great if you keep track of emails frequently and if you find the right way for you.

To add a click on the “Send Email” button, enter your e-mail address (don’t add mailto:) and then click Add button.

Watch Video

One interesting option is to add a video, which means that once the user clicks the button, they will be able to see a video to see what you are talking about.

Watching a video can be a great and visual way if you have a service or solution that you can visualize, or when it’s not clear and understandable and you’re not known in the market. For example, if you are at the beginning of your path, contacting or sending email may be less relevant.

To add this button click on “Watch Video” then choose whether you want to send the user to your site or watch a video on your page. If you click on a video on the site, you must enter the link and then add the button. If you want the user to watch the video on the page and without having to leave Facebook, click on Watch video on the page and then you can select a video you posted on the page or upload a new video and click “Add button”.

Learn More

If you want to send the surfer to your page or another page where you can explain your service or solution, you can use this button when you are at the beginning of your path and you need to be recognized to continue the purchase process.

To add this button click on “Learn more”, add a link to the site and then click “Add Button”.

Shop Now

This button, call to action on Facebook called shop now makes people see and buy more products in your e-commerce store or store on the business page. This button is suitable if you have an e-commerce store that includes shopping cart and purchase. You can also send the user to your Facebook shop (if you have one).

To add this button click on “Buy”, then choose whether to send the people to your site or send the people to the store tab on the business page, at the end press “Add button”.

See Offers

The see offers button is appropriate if you have a offers tab on the Facebook business page, and if you offer discounts or coupons to increase sales. Facebook offers are limited in time and you can register any text and add a picture.

To add this button click on “See Offers”, then click Add button. If you already have a offers tab, clicking the button will direct users to this tab. You can already add a new offer here.

If your business page is set up as an association on the Facebook business page, you will have the option to add a “Donate” button. This button helps you get a contribution to an organization or for some purpose. Please note that Facebook requires you to be such an organization by law in your jurisdiction.

To add this button, click on “Donate”, then add the appropriate link and click “Add button”.

Use App

This button helps increase the number of downloads or usage of your app. If you have one, and the page is right, do it.

To add this button, click “Use app”, then add the appropriate link and click “Add button”.

Play Game

If you have a game and you want to get people to play the game, add this button.

To add this button, click “Play Game”, then add the appropriate link and then click “Add Button”.

What call to action on Facebook should I do?

While it is not possible to answer the question of which Facebook button is the best, this is because it depends on you and not the button. But there are some things you should do to find out what works best for you.


In the section of Insights (analytics) of the page, you can get information and insights about the button. Such as clicks, views, target audiences, and more. This data will help you understand whether or not the button is appropriate.

A/B Testing

A / B Testing is an option to test which button fits most of the 2 buttons. You must compare buttons of a similar nature. For example, a “Send Message” button in front of the “Send Email” button.

This will help you see which button is getting more and more conversions for you, more clicks, or another parameter that matters to you.

Increase sales

If your business page offers different information and solutions to potential customers, you can use the appropriate action button to increase sales and streamline the process.

Test button

When you have finished setting the button you will have the option to check the button to make sure that you set it up correctly. When you hover over the button, click Test button. If you’re confused, click “Edit button” and you can correct the mistake.

Add UTM tags to links to your site

UTM tags help you manage your Google Analytics campaigns, and UTM tags help you understand where your users came from. UTM tags include some parameter which is a must and is a source (who refer the traffic).

You can use the following form: http://www.example.com/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=call-to-action

When you change example.com to your domain. Or if you want to edit new ones, go to the Campaign Builder website.

What should not be done?

Using the button does not match the page

Would you click on the “Play Game” button on the page that offers a money management solution? If you do not understand that this is a mistake, let us now explain.

One of the biggest mistakes is using a button that does not match the topic of the page. Because each page has its main reason, the followers are the target audience that connects to the subject of the page, so you need to adjust the button so it will be useful to you.

Choosing the wrong button

The other mistake is to use the wrong button, ie a button whose function and target do not match.

We will illustrate this in the following example: An additional information button, both a registration button and a contact button, allow you to enter a link to your site or page. But you can not add an additional information button to the contact form page or vice versa.

This confuses the target audience and causes them an unpleasant experience.