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Digital Marketing New Small Businesses

Digital marketing new small business is very important, especially when you are starting out. Where should you start? What should you do? Google? Facebook? organic? financed? we elaborate.

Started a new business? small business? Congratulations! But … what should you do now? Just do not say you are waiting that customers will come to you themselves. Digital marketing for new small businesses is very necessary especially at the start when nobody knows you (besides friends and family), and you need to contact new customers to buy your products and services. Digital and the Internet full of options so you can market your business and you need to decide where and how you want to operate.

Before we begin, first of all, let’s define the order and our sales channels, we will discuss here only the channels in the digital world and the Internet and less in other channels.


This is not true marketing channel, but we decided to once again emphasize the importance of the right audience for your business. You must clearly define your target audience, who those potential customers you need to turn your marketing efforts. You can contact your target audience in 2 ways:

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  • Direct address – when you turn directly to your customer all marketing channels.
  • Indirect face – when you turn indirectly to the customer and turn to those that affect your clients or making decisions.

For example: If you have a jewelry store for women – your target audience is women. The direct address could be through all marketing channels when advertising appeals to these women. The indirect address can be to appeal the spouses of the women and submit them offers to buy jewelry for their women.

It is very important to contact a precise target audience, that wants to buy your product in the end. So you need to know on each channel marketing if your target audience is there, and at what stage they are marketing funnel and how advertising is right for them at this point.

Search Engines

Search engines help users find information by keyword they enter. Search engines are doing the best to provide the most relevant information. You as new business owners starting in marketing must be present there to help your business to be in the right place and the right time to sell more. How can you be marketed on a search engine:

SEO (organic SEO)

If you have already a website (If not, you may have it. You can contact us), you should adjust the business site for search engine business. This is so that we can allow the search engines can crawl your site and index it and rank it higher in search results. It is very important that the site will be adjusted before the user experience than the search engine because the site is designed your customers use and not for search engine robots.

In addition, your site should appear on relevant phrases to search engines as soon as the users type the phrase you will appear there. It is very important to make sure you do not violate the guidelines of search engines, fraud, scams links, keyword density search, text behind the picture, etc. may cause your site to be punished and not appear in the search engines at all.

Search engine advertising (online advertising)

Search engine advertising will help you market yourself at the start you will appear above the organic results or below (or beside – less used). Correct exposure and the right place will lead you to get the first customers for your business and the income will help to finance the continuing of the campaigns to attract more customers. Search engine advertising cost is only when users click on the ad (no charge for exposures or views) or per 1000 exposures.

It is very important to define the target audience (yes, we said it several times) to reach the right audience likely to buy from you and save the costs of the audience probably did not buy. It is also important to set correct ads to the right audience likely will want to click and go to your landing page (Sale page / Order page), of course, the landing page must be appropriate to help them leave their details. It is critical to moving the management of campaigns to the reliable company that can help you achieve your goals in the most effective manner.

Social Media Networks

Social networks are designed to help users share their experiences with their friends, follow their friends and follow brands and businesses that have a presence on these networks. Marketing for new business will help you boost your brand to potential customers, make the target audience to connect you and more.

Most a social networking provides a platform for businesses to set up business accounts so that you can market yourself at the start. Places where you can set up business accounts, usually they do not allow private accounts marketing such as advertising on groups, too much friend requests and more.

Social Media Marketing (business accounts management)

Business accounts are a great way to start connecting with your target audience. The beginning is to establish the business page, but as business management, maintenance is the hardest part. First, you should know where your target audience is, what networks they use and you do not have to maintain accounts in any existing networks.

It is very important to invite to your business account only the audience that really interested in your brand and not to invite your friends or family (who really does not want to be your customers). A number of followers are not the most important indicator, the more important this is their involvement (as far as they leave a comment, share, or mark like), interesting content, high-quality images, interesting videos, and more.

It is also essential to analyze the content of publications and, what is more interesting, what is less interesting, what the hours of advertising best practices, and more. And finally, to understand the analysis and improve to be better. We give emphasis on publications that will add value to your customers and less advertising, the correct ratio will lead higher sales.

Advertising on social networks

Advertising is done with a business account at a social network. You can promote published content already on the business account, to help customers get to your landing page, gain leads, post videos, coupons, discounts and more. The cost is usually a click or exposure or view, depending on the ad and of course, everything depends on the purpose for which it was intended commercial business.

As we said a target audience is also important in this situation, there is no need to spend a budget on the audience that isn’t interested you. Campaign management must be accurate and high-quality professional hands so that you can ensure more sales by given budget.


The website is like a business card of your business. Many small businesses are not aware how important a website, especially once they have a budget to spend on it. So basically correct design and development of the site will help customers find your site, leave contact information or find your phone easily. Also, they will be able to find information about your business and the services you offer.

Website fits all types of businesses and you can customize it to the needs of the business and its users. This is a very important marketing tool especially when you give a business card to customers with your website. Business domain is very important and more importantly an email with your domain, it shows your customers how much you’re serious.

Landing Page

Another marketing channel, a landing page is basically a selling page. A landing page designed for customers to perform a number of things including keeping contact information or place an order, or even purchase. The page itself is important to help users who click your ad or enter by search engines or social networking.

A landing page is very suitable for new offers, any benefits, discounts on products and a variety of purposes. This like a website with just a single page and can include images, videos, text, contact form, clearance for the acquisition and more. It is very important to design the landing page for each product correctly and can perform a number of similar pages to select the page that provides the most conversions.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is very popular for many businesses, using this marketing channel you can send information to your subscribers (Mailing List) on new products, new services, promotions or even something else interesting.

It can be combined with marketing landing page, website, and social networks to promote any content (of course not spam), retain your customers and bring them back to your site.


A video this is rich media content can do many amazing things. You can certainly set up a promotional video for your business to help your customers understand visually what exactly do you offer them.

Video content may lead to more sales than other content, video can be uploaded to video sharing sites, which can help you in promoting your site or content. Also, you can post a video ad to promote the video among your target audience.


This is everything you publish on the internet, on social networks and other media.

Content Marketing

Your website must always renew reliable information for your customers, or for potential customers. It is also very important for search engine bots to scan your new information from the website and bring it to the index. Active website preferential inactive sites. You can also prepare special content that seeks to make customers understand the deep service or product and integrate with a call to action buttons.

Content Advertising

You can publish your content as an ad. Just, instead of place an ad this is a link to your article with title and image. There are a number of such platforms and social networks. It is also important to make content that his role is to help sell.

Local business promotion

If your business is a local business, it is very important to help him appear across the web so can be found easily. Local businesses can be integrated into search engines or maps and other providers. This can greatly highlight you as soon as they’re searching for local services or local store. When the ultimate goal is to get them to buy in your local business.

You can also post sponsored ad to further increase the exposure and going to your local business. Advertising can be on search engines, social networks or providers of maps and listings.

Rich Media Advertising

You can advertise your business with rich media over the websites such as news sites, blogs, and other information providers. We strongly recommend that you use this publication to increase your brand awareness starting out, it’s worse if you’re interested customers immediately.

E-commerce and Shopping

E-commerce is the best place where you can sell your products. You can sell major shopping sites, but we suggest you get your own e-commerce store. You can sell products, add promotions, promote your store search engines or social networks. Or you can also advertise your products to boost sales.

Digital marketing new small businesses start always with your target market and target audience and then where they are to attract them to you. For new or small businesses it is essential, a company that will accompany them and helps them achieve their goals. Digital marketing has become a realm that everyone becomes an expert in marketing, some even can cause enormous damage. So you need a reliable company.

We know that you invested a lot of time, money, efforts to set up your business and it’s really not especially easy today. Apparently, you establish it to success and do good things for your customers, certainly not to close it after a short time (and blame others for the failure).

Your success is very important to us, and this is why we established Netolink company. We can help you from starting with your target audience to the sales stage, and help customers continue to stay with you for long. Contact us today >>

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