Sell more to new customers and existing customers.

Email marketing allows you to brand and promote your business to customers via their e-mail, both new and existing customers.

Your business can reach more customers through high-quality email marketing, and with Netolink’s solution, you’ll get all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

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What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the email marketing solution includes among others:

  • Building strategy.
  • Setting Goal.
  • Building mailing list.
  • Managing subscription list.
  • Scheduling and sending quality information.
  • Automation via email.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Improving Performance.

What are the systems with which you can perform email marketing?

Netolink specializes in providing email marketing solutions, including MailChimp, Active Trail, Active Campaign, Aweber and more.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Customer retention

Especially suitable for customers who have already purchased from you.

No min budget

You can invest any budget you can afford.


Billing is primarily based on number of subscribers.

New customers

It is very suitable for accumulating new customers.

Advanced editing

You can schedule sending, designing the email and automating.

Analysis and control

Advanced performance options, analysis, and full control.

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What else do I need to know?

What are e-mail networks that can be promoted there?

No matter what system your customers use, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, private or business email, they can be reached through professional email marketing.

How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the services you offer, who your target audience is, who your customers are, what your goal is, and more.

Second, we are building a strategy and formulating a work plan. Next, we start building your mailing list for you and make sure to design registration forms and connect them to a messaging system.

We create content for you to get your clients’ email list and then combine it with the content on your website, social networks, and create a personal landing page for you.

Once everything has been properly assimilated, we create your mailing lists for you while segmenting your target audiences according to your marketing goals and goals and then starting your campaigns.

Finally, we measure campaign performance such as opening percentages and clickthrough rates, making improvements and optimizations, and even creating a series of emails or email automation (as needed).

Do I need content with a landing page?

It’s important to create quality content and a dedicated landing page to provide a customer list so that they can receive email notifications.

If you have a landing page with quality content – great!

If you do not have – do not worry! We’ll create content for you and build a high quality landing page for you.

Email Marketing - Prices

Netolink’s prices are divided into 2:

  • Setting up an email marketing system (a one-time payment) – This is the cost of setting up an email marketing system for your business, including joining the system, building content, building a landing page, designing the form and its fields, assimilation and more.
  • Email marketing management (fixed monthly cost) – This is the cost of managing your marketing, including analytics services, performance improvements, and other management information.

In addition, if you need to design marketing material such as an eBook, etc., we can refer you to our partners.

No obligation!

You have no obligation and we do not sign you for a year or more. You may leave at any time, however, with a 30-day notice in advance that it will take effect at the end of the month after the advance notice is given.

What is Remarketing?

Once people have landed on your landing page, we can measure them and then create a unique audience to target additional campaigns.

For example, we can contact people who landed on your landing page and did not leave any contact information. Another example is, we can target people who have added a product to a shopping cart and then drop off and have not purchased your product.

There is a wide variety of targeting options by remarketing.

What can I promote?

Great question! In fact, you can advertise anything that might contribute to your business provided it’s legal and complies with the advertising system guidelines. In general, you can promote:

  • Providing a new eBook as a gift to sell a more extended service in the future.
  • Marketing and selling similar and complementary products to those purchased by the customer in the past.
  • Submitting interesting new content such as newsletters and news.
  • Implementing marketing automation by email, including sending a series of messages.
  • And more.
Is it possible to measure results?

Of course! First of all, it is possible to receive information through e-mail systems that allow receiving information such as email opening percentages, click-through percentage, and user analysis.

In addition, user analytics and monitoring systems can be embedded into your landing page so we can measure how many people reached the landing page by email and what they did or purchased on your site. We can measure conversions and then target more people.

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