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How to Export Facebook Contacts via Yahoo Mail?

Need your Facebook contacts? Now it’s possible! A small trick allows you to export Facebook contacts via Yahoo Mail – it can then be exported to Excel file. Exporting contacts can help you for many purposes, of course, if you use it legally.

If your Facebook contacts are also your target audience, this can be great if you want to offer them additional services or use them for advertising to a target audience such as Google Adwords, Facebook sponsored, LinkedIn advertising and more.

This guide will help you understand step by step how to export your contacts to Excel by importing and exporting via Yahoo! Mail. A small note, you can not export the emails of users who marked like or follow your business page on Facebook, but we have an article about setting up a business page on Facebook.

Logging in to Yahoo Mail

Has yahoo mail been closed no? No. The company was acquired by Verizon and became part of a group of companies, Yahoo Mail still exists and provides e-mail services to consumers. Of course not in quantity as Google’s Gmail, but still e-mail is active.

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Now, you have to log in to your Yahoo e-mail. If you do not have one, create a new account for free now. To enter an e-mail, enter your browser or click on this link: mail.yahoo.com.

Importing contacts from Facebook

Once you have logged in to Yahoo Mail or signed up and then logged in, access your Yahoo contact list (your list is probably empty if it’s a new account or an unused account). To do this, click the Contacts icon, under the Yahoo logo (highlighted in the following image).

When you click the “Import” button, a new window will open and you will need to enter your Facebook account details. Enter them and connect.

Next, Yahoo will request access to your Facebook account to import your Facebook contact list into its e-mail. If you agree, click OK.

At this point, the panel will be closed and Yahoo’s e-mail service will start importing your contacts – at this time you can use e-mail or wait a few moments for the contact list to arrive, this may take a few minutes depending on the size of the contact list.

Copying the contacts

The next step is to copy the contacts imported from Facebook and are already in Yahoo’s e-mail service. It’s important to note that there are Chrome browser plug-ins that allow you to do this, but we can not recommend them, so we’ll do it differently.

You can not export your contacts directly through the Excel file, so the method is to manually copy the contacts (if you want to call it that).

By the way, if for a few minutes and you have not seen your contact list, reload the page.

When your contacts are on the side and if you have more than 500 contacts, go down to the last contact (usually the 500 contact) and click on him, wait a few moments, and you can see that more than 500 contacts have been added.

Now, select them all by the checkbox above them. In the center, you will see an option to send mail to everyone, click on this solution. Do not worry, you do not need to send mail to everyone.

When you click this button, you will be taken to a page where you can send mail to everyone. But we are interested in contact list so on this page click on the user’s box, and chose all them. The quickest and best method to select them all is to press the keyboard CTRL + A (on Windows computers). Then copy them by CTRL + C

When you have selected all of them, open the text editor on your computer (Notepad) and paste all the avoidances there.

Editing contacts

The next step is to transfer the emails to the Excel file. There is a reason why not paste directly into Excel but through Notepad text editor.

Now that you have pasted the contact list in Notepad, they will be in the form of <mail1@gmail.com>; <mail2@yahoo.com> and the like. We need to edit the text:

  1. Delete parentheses greater than >
  2. Delete parentheses less than <
  3. Convert the semicolon mark ; tor a comma ,

This should be done using the Find and Replace command, press CTRL + H when you are in the text editor. All parentheses must be found and deleted, and the semicolon must be converted only to a comma.

Once you’ve done this, your contact list will be in the form of mail1@gmail.com, mail2@yahoo.com.

Export to Excel or CSV file

The final step and after the comma separated by commas, select them all by CTRL + A and copy them CTRL + C.

Open a new Excel file, go to cell A1 and paste it all there. At this moment, all the emails will appear on one line and together. Now copy the whole row, go to cell A2 and paste it special via Transpose. Now each email will appear in one line.

Row A1 You can then delete and save the file as Excel or CSV file.


What now to do with this list? Now you can enter them into Google or Facebook advertising systems or you can send them an email, if there is agreement and if everything is by law.

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