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Grammarly – Writing in English? This way you can improve your writing and make sure you do not make mistakes with a free professional tool

If you write in English all over the internet (blogs, websites, emails, etc.), it is highly advisable to use tools that can help you write correctly, without spelling or grammar errors, such as the free tool Grammarly. The tool not only helps you, but also teaches you to write correctly – which is a significant advantage.

The tool is suitable for everyone, regardless of their level in the English language.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a digital tool also known as a “writing assistant”, which helps you write text and content in English without spelling, grammar, and other linguistic errors. So basically your text will be completely clean, clear, and proper.

The tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to detect common errors in your text or content, informs you of those errors, and allows you to easily correct them with a simple and clear explanation.

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According to the company’s data, over 30 million users use this tool to improve their writing in English. So this is a high amount of users and audience of relevant people of course.

You can use this tool for free, without any time limit. It is also possible to purchase a premium version that includes more advanced tools for people who want to further improve their English language to a high language.

Where to use the tool?

You can definitely use the Grammarly tool whenever you write content, for example:

  • Blog posts (WordPress, Wix, Medium, etc.).
  • Description and filling details of products in e-commerce stores.
  • Content on various pages in websites.
  • Writing e-mail (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.).
  • Document content (Google Docs, Microsoft Office).
  • Details of various projects and customer management systems (CRM).
  • Content on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Messenger, etc.).

How does It work?

So as written earlier, Grammarly uses a special technology she has developed, to provide you with insights into the same English text content.

The technology is an artificial intelligence of the system, which knows how to easily and in real-time detect common errors of writing content and text in English. These errors have been pre-defined by experts and professionals in the field so that this is reliable and professional information.

The system then presents all the errors it has detected and offers the best alternative to the error it has found while explaining why it is an error and presenting an example of the correct correction for the error.

For example, for spelling errors, the system displays the standard word that you tried to write. The system then checks again whether the same word corresponds to the meaning of the sentence to understand whether the sentence is perfectly legible and correct.

What features and suggestions are there?

Grammarly knows how to offer you suggestions for improving the writing, features, and correction of various errors. In fact, these are the errors in the system:

  • Spelling – correction of spelling errors when using a word incorrectly.
  • Grammar – correction of grammar errors when using a word incorrectly.
  • Punctuation – correction of punctuation errors when used in the wrong place or when not used in the right place.
  • Conciseness – correction of unnecessarily complex and long sentences, which could have been shortened to the same message in a shorter sentence.
  • Sentence corrections – correction of sentences that are difficult to read or that are not clear enough.
  • Tone adjustment – correction of a message in a sentence written in a fenced manner or in unnecessary words, to sound more confident in the sentence.
  • Word selection – Correction of a phrase to another word that defines better. For example instead of “very happy”, to write “satisfied”.
  • Formal level – writing in official and standard language and not in folk abbreviations.
  • Fluency – Writing other words that sound more appropriate when writing fluently.
  • Other advanced adjustments – correction of spelling and punctuation contradictions, adjustment of tone in writing, and more.

How to use Grammarly?

Grammarly is suitable for use in both computers and Internet applications, as well as for mobile phones. So you can choose your preferred method of using the tool. These are the methods:

  • You can download their plugin for different browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and more).
  • You can download the plugin for document editing tools (Google Docs, Microsoft Office).
  • You can download the app to your mobile phone (Android, iOS).
  • It is possible to use the control panel of the Grammarly account, without the need to install a plugin or app. But it’s less convenient, from experience.

To get started, you need to create a free account on their website here at grammarly.com. After downloading the plugin or app, you can enter the account information to use the tool.

After downloading and installing, start writing in English. You can end the whole text and then go through each and every paragraph to spot the mistakes and errors or do so immediately at the same time as the sentence or paragraph ends.

In fact, Grammarly will start to spot the mistakes and errors that are in the text you wrote (if any ..), while emphasizing the word or place in the sentence where there is the error. Then and by clicking on the same location, you will see the correct version and you can fix it automatically using the tool.

How much does it cost? In fact, Grammarly does not cost any money. Downloading, opening an account, and installing are free. If you like it, you can purchase the premium version, which includes more advanced features (written earlier) at a cost of about $12 per month.

That’s all, simple and easy. To get started go to the following link: grammarly.com.

Here is a sample video of how it works: