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Instagram Business: How to create and set up a business page correctly

Do you already have an Instagram? Perhaps you have heard about it and have not yet opened it? In this article, we will explain how you can configure and manage Instagram for business.

Instagram is the world’s leading social network for sharing photos and videos with over 800 active users per month. With Instagram, users share moments of their life that include photos, videos, and stories. The images and stories can be edited as soon as you add them with all sorts of different filters and plugins.

Instagram serves as a tool not only for individual users but also for businesses. Since Instagram is a company owned by Facebook, it allows connection between your Facebook and your Instagram. This integration is both at the level of both private and business users.

What should I do, a private Instagram or business Instagram?

In order to answer this question, you need to understand the use of these accounts and the differences between these two Instagram accounts.

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Private Instagram

Suitable for individuals who want to post photos about them or interests they like. You can also connect a private account to your Facebook account to see which of your friends are on the Instagram.

Like any private account, you do not have access to analytics data that can show you how many new people have followed you in the last 7 days, the number of impressions (how many have seen your posts), clicks on a link, and more.

You also can’t advertise by the private account.

Business Instagram

Suitable for business users who want to post photos of their organization, their employees, their interests and more. Also, you can connect to the Facebook page without using a private account (good for organizations that do not want to link the private Facebook account to the business account in Instagram).

Because it’s a business account, you have access to Analytics data such as who followed you in the last few days, the number of impressions, how many clicks on links, demographic information of your followers, analytics data of stories and data on sponsored advertising.

You can also add contact email, business location address, and business phone number. Please note that a business account must be linked to a Facebook business page.

How do you create Instagram for business?

In order to create Instagram for businesses, first, you need to open a regular Instagram account and then switch to a business Instagram. To create Instagram there are several options, choose the most convenient way for you:

Facebook Business Page

This is our preferred method when we work with our customers and therefore we also recommend it. It is much easier and faster than the other ways.

To create a business Instagram account on your Facebook business page, you must have administrator permissions on the page. Enter the Facebook business page, click “Settings” and then “Instagram” You will now have the option to click on it, you can log in to an existing account or open a new account. So click on Register and then enter your username and email.

Then click Continue several times until you need to register a business contact detail (email, phone, or address). If you do not enter any of these details, you will not be able to complete the switch to a business account.

Please note that you must create a password for Instagram. When you enter the email, you will get a link to create a password, where you can do so.

Instagram application

If you like to use a mobile phone/tablet, you may want to open an Instagram in this way. You must download and install the app from Google Play or App Store. Then go to Register and follow the instructions, add a name, e-mail (must be valid) and password.

When you are connected with your private account app, click on the profile icon in the bottom right. At the top of your profile, there will be a 3 dots icon, click it (this is your page settings). In the account section, click “Switch to a business profile.”

At this point, click Continue several times until you have registered “Choose Page” when you select it, you will have to log in to your personal account and confirm the index to see which business pages on Facebook you are running. Select the page you want and click the Continue arrow. Select Email, Phone, or Address and click V to finish.

The second option is to convert your account to a business through your Facebook business page (see above).

Instagram website

The second option is to open Instagram through the official website www.instagram.com. Where you can fill in your personal information and sign in to your Instagram account.

In order to link your business account to your business page on Facebook, you must have administrator permissions. Enter your business page on Facebook, click “Settings” and then “Instagram” You will now have the option to enter the business page you created earlier. Enter your username and password and log in.

Then click Continue several times until you need to register a business contact detail (email, phone, or address). If you do not enter any of these details, you will not be able to complete the transfer to a business account.

How do I set up an Instagram account correctly?

After connecting an Instagram account with a Facebook account, you can start the process of setting up your account.

Set up an Instagram through the business page on Facebook

When you have finished registering, you can click Edit and edit and add information you need.

Add and edit account information

Profile image – Add a picture that matches the name of the page. We recommend using the same profile picture as the business page on Facebook and the other social networks. Here you will find the size of the images for Instagram and other social networks.

Username – cannot be changed here. Only on the Instagram website or in the app.

Website – the address of your website.

About / Bio – About your account on Instagram, a few details for those who want to follow you and do not know you.

Category – The category is changing depending on the category of the business page on Facebook. Once you change the Facebook category, it will change there as well. Read also an article and other information about setting up a business page on Facebook.

Email – This is an email address so users will be able to contact you.

Telephone – Here you can enter a phone so that users can call you or send you an SMS.

Address – If you are a local business, this can suit you. You must enter a full address, city, and postal code.

Private information – Email/mobile phone you have signed up to Instagram, cannot be changed here.

Gender – if you are a business, you can leave it without definition.

Manage connected apps

Here you can manage all the applications connected to the business account of Instagram. Such apps can be analytics, advertising, features and news and more.

Disconnecting an account

You can break the connection between a business Instagram and a Facebook business page.

Set up an Instagram through the website

Since you can not do some of the things through the business page on Facebook, you can log in directly to your account through the site. When you are on your Instagram profile, click “Edit Profile”.

In the sidebar edit profile, you can change the name, username, website, About, Phone Email and more.

In the side menu change password, you can change to a new password, but you must enter the current password.

In the side menu Authorized Applications, you can manage all apps that have access to your account.

In the sidebar menu comments, you can manage your comments in general, ie blocking and hiding inappropriate comments.

In the sidebar menu Email and SMS, you can register and unsubscribe from messages sent to you by e-mail.

In the sidebar menu Manage Contacts, you can manage the contacts you have uploaded to Instagram. It happens when you have given permission through the app on your phone.

Set up an Instagram through your phone application

Here you can learn how to set up the app by phone. Not everything is possible to go through the site or through the business page on Facebook. On your profile page, press 3 points, you’ll be taken to the Settings section.

Invite Facebook friends – If you have connected the accounts, you can enter your friends, if not, you can give permission and invite them.

Follow people – You can also follow friends who are already on the Instagram. This is done by permission from Facebook or by phone contacts.

Your photos – here you can determine what will be if you are tagged in a picture, will it appear on your profile, would you like to manually approve them or hide these images. We recommend that you manually approve any tagging.

Saved – Here you can see all the photos and videos you’ve saved. Or if they’re in a collection (a category of photos and videos together). Note that only you can see things you’ve saved.

Story settings – Here you can set whether you want to hide the story you are creating (by username), who can add comments to the story (all of them, people you follow or nobody), whether to keep the story on the phone, and finally to allow sharing of photos from the story.

Edit profile – By clicking on it, you can manage the details of the profile, as we discussed earlier. You can edit and change a profile picture, description, link, etc.

Change password – There is not much to write here. Apart from the fact that if the Instagram is linked to Facebook, the password can be reset via Facebook.

Two-Factor Verification – Additional security on your account that sends you SMS when you try to connect.

Posts you’ve liked – here you can see all the posts you liked in the past.

Blocked users – Here you can see the users you’ve blocked in the past.

Payments – Here you can see your payments for ads, current balance, and payment methods.

Branded Content – Here you can manage who can tag you with branded/sponsored content.

Switch to a private / business profile – Here you can switch the account to a private / business account.

Linked accounts – You can manage accounts linked to other social networks.

Contacts – Here you can manage contacts and remove data.

Language – Changing the language of Instagram.

Push notifications – Here you can receive alerts when users do something. You can also read an article about push notifications.

Email & SMS notifications – Here you can control which alerts you receive for your email and SMS notifications.

Cellular data use – Here you can save the phone’s Internet.

Comments – Here you can manage the comments in the Instagram, who can comment, block comments, filter comments, and filter by keyword.

Upload quality – Here you can choose between normal and basic quality. You should leave a standard if you are uploading color images.

Save – You can manage saving photos and videos after uploading.

Support – here there are support options for Instagram.

At the end you can delete search story, add a new user, user log out, all users log out.

Disconnect between Facebook and the Instagram

If you want to disconnect/unlink Facebook from the Instagram, you need to know how you initially connected the accounts and whether the accounts are business or private.

If you have not converted your account to a business and is a private account. You must enter your personal account settings on Facebook. Here we wrote an article on how to manage and disconnect applications from your accounts.

If the account is business and you have not connected it to your private account. Enter your business page on Facebook, click on “Settings” and then click on Instagram. Please note that if you disconnect, you will not be able to manage your account via Facebook.