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Facebook’s Instant Articles: Everything you need to know

If you browsing through the Facebook app on Android or iOS, you probably see a lightning bolt on a post link, and by clicking on it you can read the article quickly and without having to go to the full website if you have seen it, Instant Articles.

In fact, this is a Facebook option that allows you, the owners of websites, to publish articles in a quick way. The surfer is not directed to your site but remains in the Facebook app, so the browsing experience should be more pleasant. The instant messaging service of Facebook is somewhat reminiscent of the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) service, although they have different functions, the concept is similar and the goal is similar.

Instant Articles – benefits

Speed and mobile compatibility

Using the same technology for instant articles as for viewing photos and videos on Facebook. According to Facebook, instant articles loading is 10 times faster than loading a mobile-optimized website. In addition, instant articles are read at 20% more than regular articles. Finally, the likelihood of article abandonment is 70% smaller, so there is more chance of reading the article.


Facebook enables the presentation of various content through instant articles, such as videos that play automatically, full-screen videos, full-screen images, 3D maps, and more.

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Involves engagement and collaboration

The fast-reading experience encourages users to share instant articles, according to Facebook, 30% more than regular articles.

Measurement and tracking

Facebook provides data on the use of instant articles that display information how many views were, how long the article was viewed, scroll depth and more. It also makes it possible to use third-party analytical services such as Google Analytics to analyze users’ data and data.


Content creators can earn by showing ads from the Audience Network or third-party ads on the site. You can also add promoted content as an instant article.

Instant Articles – drawbacks

Other tools

Instant articles limit you to the possibilities you can get from them. In fact, they are suitable for articles and posts only and not for other content, such as landing pages, etc. In addition, there is not enough flexibility, you can not add a custom contact form and more.

Measurement and tracking

The reason we decided it was also a drawback because so far it is not possible to measure some of the actions of instant articles through third-party systems. These actions are important and may affect how you make the decision.

Not suitable for everyone

Facebook’s instant messaging service is primarily suitable for content creators and news sites, very similar to those who are suitable for Google’s AMP services.

What are the requirements to work with Instant Articles?

First, you must signup to the Instant Articles service and choose which business page on Facebook will have permission to publish these articles. To request this, you need to have administrator privilege on the business page, but then you can publish articles, manage, and set up an author’s permission.

In addition, you should download the Pages Manager application on your mobile phone so that you can see how the articles appear on a mobile phone before you publish it to everyone.

Also, you need your site to be compatible with this technology, if you are a WordPress site owner, there is a Facebook plugin. Finally, you must create 10 articles via the interface and submit to Facebook in order for them to approve the start of use.


Instant Articles are designed to show articles and articles faster for the audience and are not suitable for landing pages. Instant articles are not suitable for all businesses and organizations if you are content creators, news sites and/or your main goal is to publish articles – this may be right for you.