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Landing Page Design

Get new customers with a quality landing page.

The solution building a landing page allows you to get new customers through a high-quality sale page on the internet. The landing page can include a contact form for more details or a product purchase cart.

Your business can also gain new customers with a quality landing page. With Netolink’s solution, you’ll get all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the landing page design solution includes among others:

  • Setting goal.
  • Targeting audience.
  • Adding required elements.
  • Embedding a contact form.
  • Connecting to CRM or email systems.
  • Designing and building at a high level.
  • Adding tracking systems.
  • Mobile device compatibility.
  • Possibility to integrate additional solutions.

What are the benefits of building a professional landing page?

  • Personal design – You can design a landing page in a custom way.
  • Cost saving – An alternative to a full website.
  • Yours – Except for hosting expenses, the landing page is always yours.
  • Sell a product – You can sell a single product or service on your landing page.
  • Great for advertising – If you decide to create an advertising campaign, a landing page is the most appropriate.
  • Analysis and control – The conversion rate can be improved, A/B testing, user tracking and more.

Choose the right landing page design plan for you

$24per month on an annual basis (Instead $29)$29per month on an annual basis (Instead $39)Custom
Basic DesignAdvanced designCustom design
Mobile FriendlyMobile FriendlyMobile Friendly
Landing Page HostingLanding Page HostingLanding Page Hosting
Contact form ImplementationContact form ImplementationContact form Implementation
E-mail connectionE-mail connectionE-mail connection
Adding ready contentAdding ready contentAdding ready content
Adding analytics toolAdding analytics toolAdding analytics tool
Interfacing a mailing listInterfacing a mailing list
Suitable for a variety of purposes
Implementation of clearing systems
Content Writing

How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the services you offer, who your target audience is, who your customers are, what your landing page is for, and what information to do.

Second, we are building a strategy and formulating a work plan. Next, we begin to build and design a landing page for you to fit your target audience.

Then, we add your offer to your landing page and add elements to increase chances of leaving details.

Once your landing page is in the air, you’ll get a unique link and you can share it with social networks and create search or social advertising campaigns with us.

Landing page – Prices

The cost of building a landing page depends on its complexity. The more functions and requirements of the landing page, the greater the amount of work and therefore the cost will increase.

The price is one-time and from now on you have the landing page. But a landing page has a cost of hosting, like the cost of hosting a website, of course at a reduced price.

What can you offer customers?

A landing page is designed for a wide range of purposes, each goal and goal is highly dependent on your business plan and strategy. for example:

  • A landing page that offers a discount for a service that your business offers.
  • A landing page designed to purchase an e-book with a nominal cost.
  • Landing page to sign up for an event.
  • Landing page to recruit candidates for any job.
  • And more.