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Launching: website building plans (and landing pages)

Today, we would like to share with you two of our important announcements: one is the transition to packages in our development and design department and the other is website development packages/plans and landing pages and their prices.

Today, small (and medium) businesses can not afford to invest substantial budgets to build a quality website for their business. In various cases, these businesses turn to inferior and inexpensive services that do not fit the characterization required for them.

Facing these types of services significantly harms these businesses for the short and long term because they are sure that they have saved expenses, but the actual damage is far greater.

According to our review, businesses that use these services do not receive proposals from these sites and sometimes worse – the customers of those businesses do not want to do business with them as a result.

Recommended tools for WordPress sites
  • Cloudways - Best WordPress web hosting!
  • Elementor PRO - a WordPress page building plugin (recommended).
  • JetPlugins - an extension plugin for Elementor (recommended).
  • Astra PRO - a WordPress theme among the best.

The transition to packages

We at Netolink believe that a website is the face of a business and it must be appropriate and consistent with the business objectives and for what it is established. In addition, because there are a variety of goals for which websites are designed, in most small businesses, a website is a necessary marketing tool. Through the website, customers can get to know the business and leave their details or purchase products through the website thus increasing sales.

In addition, the prices of building websites are significantly higher for most small and medium businesses, when it comes to a considerable expense. Websites also require ongoing operation and maintenance – which takes quality time for small and medium businesses. A situation is created whereby small businesses spend time on their website rather than investing in customers who are the engine of the business.

Netolink has decided to put an end to it.

From today, you do not need to purchase a website at high prices, purchase hosting and domain, worry about site maintenance and other concerns. You can choose the right package for you and purchase it – if you are not sure what is right for you, we can help you.

You will provide us with information about your business and we will take care of everything else – building the site for you, hosting your files and documents, adding the content you provided to us, connecting to the domain and emails and more.

Website building and landing pages packages

Website/landing page packages are without obligation from your own side, you are not required to pay a substantial amount or take a loan for this purpose. In addition, the packages include everything you need in the package, you can purchase additional services separately and without any obligation.

Website packages

Website development packages include website design for you, a design of components and pages, mobile friendly, domain connection, site storage, business email boxes, site support and maintenance, management interface and more.

There are 3 web site packages:

  1. Plus – Our basic package that is suitable for small businesses – at a price of $54 per month on an annual basis (or $69 per month).
  2. Pro – a more advanced package suitable for medium-sized businesses – at a price of $79 per month on an annual basis (or $99 per month).
  3. Custom – Suitable for medium and large businesses interested in custom design and development.

For more information: Choose your site package here

Landing page packages

Landing page packages include landing page design, mobile device friendly, page storage, adding a contact form and connecting email, adding content, interfacing with other systems, and more.

There are 3 landing page packages:

  • Basic – Basic and simple landing page package – $24 per month on an annual basis (or $29 per month).
  • Plus – a more advanced package that includes mailing interfaces, etc. – $29 per month on an annual basis (or $39 per month).
  • Custom – An additional package that fits into more complex landing pages with advanced interfaces.

For more information: Choose your landing page package here

What more?

Additional solutions can be integrated into these packages, such as sponsored advertising, organic promotion, analytics services and more.