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LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads – More Way to Get Business Leads

LinkedIn, the world’s largest social business network, announced yesterday that they now enabling the creation of lead gen ads. Linkin leads are listed on the main page of LinkedIn, meaning all posts of friends and company pages you follow.

Until now, LinkedIn did not allow for the making of lead gen ads, but only regular ads. Probably good changes apply to LinkedIn, it recently changed the design of the site and it looks more modern and fits the needs of today. Let’s understand what is lead gen ads on LinkedIn.

What is a lead?

Lead is a contact of your potential client. This can be done in a variety of ways: through your website, by leaving details on a landing page, by getting to your local business, by calling, and more.

In the digital marketing world, a lead includes the details of the potential customer and depends also on your requirements and different systems. For example phone number, first name, last name, e-mail, place of residence, etc.

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What are LinkedIn lead gen ads?

LinkedIn lead gen ads are a parallel way to a Facebook lead ads. Your potential customer sees this ad on the front page of LinkedIn. By clicking on the ad he is not going to your landing page, but opens up the possibility of leaving details directly through the system, so the potential customer does not even have to leave LinkedIn.

Please note that lead ads only appear on the app on mobile devices and not on the desktop site on my computer.

Why does a LinkedIn lead gen ads appear in the app rather than on the desktop?

It’s no secret that a target audience on a mobile device may be less likely to purchase products or services than a desktop. There are studies about it, and we will not create one. Please note that this is not suitable for all products/services. Anyone looking for a local business via a mobile device may be more serious than a desktop computer. For example, if you are looking for a flower shop near you via mobile phone, it is likely that you are in the area and are interested in purchasing this moment.

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is trying to place emphasis on mobile devices, which is why.

What’s the difference between a lead ad and a regular ad?

First of all, it’s important to know that there’s a difference between a lead ad and a regular ad. This starts from the creating of the ad, through characterization, target audience, contact form design, landing page, pricing and of course performance improvement (these are actually some of our services in the field, there is more).

The lead ad is an ad that allows your potential customer to leave details as soon as they click on the ad, in other words, they do not have to leave the site or app to leave details with you. In a lead ad, you do not need to build a landing page for this ad.

A standard ad is an ad linked to a landing page that includes a contact information form. When the potential customer clicks on the ad, he lands on the landing page to leave details with you. In a standard ad must create a landing page. The landing page should be effective and professional.

What information can I ask the customer through the ad?

LinkedIn allows you to request different customer details on the form. These details are taken from the prospect’s private profile and can be edited before sending them to you. In general, the details are divided into 4 categories:

  1. Contact: First name, last name, e-mail, mobile phone, city, county, state, postal code, work phone, work email.
  2. Work: Position, job definition, seniority.
  3. Company: Company name, Company size, Industry.
  4. Education: Degree, a field of study, an institution of study, beginning date of studies, date of graduation.

Which is better: lead ads or a standard ad with a landing page?

This is an excellent question, but this is not the appropriate article for this, and we will examine and investigate this question in depth.

In order to answer this question, a number of parameters must be examined according to the nature of your business and your target audience. Not every ad will fit a business or another organization, especially when it comes to a different industry, but there is also a breakdown in that industry.

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