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Converting a personal Facebook profile to a business Facebook page – How to transfer/migrate (Guide)

Have a personal Facebook profile and need a Facebook business account? You can easily convert a private profile to a business page in just a few clicks. Profile conversion helps you get more with a business account.

This guide helps you understand whether you should, and how.

Official Facebook update: It is no longer possible to convert a private profile to a business page.
This means that it is necessary to create a new and clean business page.

The guide below explains how this could have been done in the past.

Using Facebook for personal and business needs

Facebook allows anyone to create a personal account for personal needs, such as connecting with friends, family, and contacts, contacting them, connecting with an interesting community, sharing content and being connected to brands and businesses that present their accounts on Facebook and more.

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When that person is also a business owner, freelance or company employee, and also wants to promote the business, he or she faces one or more of the following two options:

Working with a personal-private profile can be quite problematic for the main reasons and they are: Personal profile is primarily intended for family and friend’s needs and most of those friends do not want to hear the same friend as a business. Additionally, the personal profile does not provide advanced business tools and cannot be used as sponsored posts (paid).

For these reasons, a business page answers:

  • Designed for business, branding and community Needs – A business page helps the business owner promote his business and the products and services he offers. Friends can also be business clients. During this time, you can save your personal profile for sharing personal and family matters.
  • Showing statistics – Business page helps the business owner get usage data, statistics that help him understand how many people were exposed to posts, total post visibility (impressions), how many people are active on the page, fan and follower management, demographic information about fans on the page, and more.
  • Enables sponsored advertising – A business page is a must for anyone interested in promoting themselves and displaying advertising on Facebook, through dedicated ads and advertisements.
  • Business tools – Facebook Page provides additional business tools such as Facebook shop management, product catalog management, job postings, meeting management, getting private business messages to the page, adding instant articles, creating lead forms and more.
  • Enables more professional management – The business can have several employees and departments, so a Facebook page gives the opportunity to be managed by some employees and published dedicated content of the business.
  • Financial earnings – Businesses that are influential or opinion leaders can make money through their Facebook posts, advertisements or branded content.

Convert Private Account to Business

Facebook allows the creation of business pages as we wrote it earlier and can be done from a clean and new page. But, Facebook also allows you to create a page from your private account – that is, by converting/migrating your private account into a business account.

After the migration, you will have both a private account and a business account (previously there was a one-sided migration, so you had to re-create a private profile). Your profile name, personal profile picture, and topic image – will also match the page. Friends and followers can be customized as needed for the business page. You can also control which photos and videos will be copied.

Okay, and what’s up with my friends, followers and friend requests?

  • Friends and friend requests you have chosen – will automatically become fans (those who liked) and followers (those who follow) on the business page. Friends/friend requests will also remain in the private account.
  • Followers of the private profile you have chosen – will automatically follow the business page. Followers will be removed from the private account.

By the way, all friends and followers will be notified that you have created a new page.

Who is it for?

Converting a private profile to a business is appropriate for the following people:

  • Restructure – If you want to reorganize your private and business profile so that the private becomes for personal needs and the business becomes for business needs.
  • Business Growth – If your business is growing, you can create a page so that your employee or digital marketing company (like us) can manage your business page.
  • Statistics – If you want to know how many people you have reached, how many exposures there are, get statistical information about your target audience (friends and followers) and more.
  • Sponsored advertising – If you want to promote your business, alone or with a digital advertising company (like us) and bring in new customers.
  • Extra income – If you are influential and your posts reach great proportions, you can make money from the posts.

Do you have another reason why you should do this? We would love to hear from you 🙂

How to convert a personal Facebook profile to a business Facebook page?

Convert a private account to a business account is available via this link (if this link does not work, a sign that… in the past you have already converted your private profile to business and cannot be done again).

After logging in, follow these steps:

  • Click “Get started”.
  • Add a relevant category to your page.
  • Select the friends and followers and friend requests to be transferred to the business account.
  • Choose which photos, videos and albums you want to upload to your business page.
  • Preview before converting.
  • Confirm it and wait for the process to finish.

It is important! You can only convert a private account to a business once. There is no going back after final approval (except for deleting the page).

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