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Online Advertising – Benefits For Your Organization

Sponsored online advertising including many benefits for your organization or business, comes to advertising on Google, Facebook advertising, advertising on YouTube or other sites on the Internet advertising.

Whether you launch a new product, a new business or a new purpose, it may take this a long time to be absorbed, sponsored online advertising can help you, you can decide who can view the ad when it is launched, the ads will be and more. Together with a leading company will also optimize all your ads to get the most desired results for you. So first let’s talk about the benefits of online advertising.


The first advantage and the most important is to define your target market, an audience is your potential customers that you want to show them the ad. While the goal you show your ad to as many people, but you should know that these people are best suited for you. There is no need to promote women’s clothing ad to target audience that is men (unless it’s a special publication to make men give a gift to their wives).

A wide target audience can be very expensive and not effective for you, too small a target audience may make your ad will not appear for enough people for you. The audience can be collapsed or expanded by the following:

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  • Placement Targeting – helping to reach the audiences on a worldwide geographical area. Even placement targeting can focus even more:
    • People who live in a particular area – those who live in a particular city.
    • People who were recently in a particular area – not necessarily those who live, but who was recently in a particular area.
    • Targeting radius – If your business is local, you probably want to place an ad within a certain radius of your business.
    • Filter – You can filter certain specific areas is domestic.
  • Language Targeting – If your ad is in French, you probably wish that anyone who speaks French will see and not who speaks English.
  • Targeting gender – men or women.
  • Targeting age – by age or age groups will help you to target an audience that may be your client.
  • Interest Targeting – For example: If you are a clothing store, you can target by interest “Fashion”.
  • Technology – Is your client might use mobile devices or desktop computers.
  • Remarketing / behavioral retargeting – people who were your site or use your app.

Budget and Billing Options

Sponsored online advertising is very different from billboards advertising. You can allocate any amount of daily budget and this budget will serve you until it finished and the next day starts again, and so on, in the standard advertising, you can not do it. In addition, there are a variety of billing options:

  • Cost-per-click (PPC or CPC) – the most popular, paying only for your target audience clicks on your ad, usually will not be charged for impressions.
  • Cost per impression (CPM) – This section allows you to pay for 1,000 impressions of your ad.
  • Cost per view (CPV) – For videos, you can pay only for the video ad views.
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA) – usually adjusted by pay-per-click may lead to the acquisition.


Another advantage these are the times. You can provide a start date and an end date for each campaign so that it is tailored to your needs. If you have example sale for the holidays, You can advertise in advance the ad campaign as soon as the holidays begin to appear, and after the holidays the campaign will be stopped.

Ad Types

After we understood the target audience and the budget, we need to understand now for the ads can be sponsored online advertising, this is a great advantage over traditional advertising.

  • Text ads.
  • Image ad.
  • Rich media – Flash or HTML5, canvas and more.
  • Video ads.
  • Content awareness – Promoting an existing post or article.
  • App install ads.
  • Ad leads – the contact form.

Types of websites and systems

Another advantage is important, there are many systems that can run ads, each system allows many advantages and disadvantages and needs to exploit them for your organization. So where to advertise?

  • Search engine advertising – advertising on Google, Bing, Yandex and so more.
  • Advertising on social networks – Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, Twitter and more.
  • Advertising video storage sites – advertising on YouTube and so on.
  • Advertising on maps and locations – Advertising on Google Maps, Waze advertising, advertising on Foursquare and others.
  • Advertising on news sites and blogs – advertising on major news sites and blogs.
  • Advertising and e-commerce shopping – advertising on Amazon, eBay etc.


One of the biggest advantages compared to traditional advertising, this measurement capability, analysis, tracking, and monitoring. With traditional advertising you pay for your ad, your analysis capability is very limited and you can not identify where the customers come, what caused them to buy, and more.

Sponsored online advertising allows you to measure:

  • Reach – some unique people viewed your ad.
  • Exposure / Impressions- how many times your ad appeared in total.
  • Clicks – how many times your ad was clicked.
  • Views – how many people viewed your ad (video clip).
  • Clicking ratio – how many people click of total ad impressions.
  • And much more, everything here will not publish the list goes on.

In addition, you can make a comparison between your ad and the industry you operate in order to compare the performance of the ad. You can compare your two ads to see which ad produces more benefit. You can make different crosses to understand more special things, including a more suitable audience for a product, and more.

Advanced Options

Another benefit more advanced options are available, such as advanced edits and scripts.

Netolink uses these options to provide the maximum benefit for its customers. We manage campaigns for many customers across different platforms, our knowledge and experience help you all the way. If you are interested in advertising on the internet contact us today >>