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How can SEO help your business?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help your business to get more presence and better rank on search engines.

SEO is the marketing activity we at Netolink do to optimize your content on organic (not paid) search engines results. The major search engines are Google – the biggest, Bing (Microsoft company), Yahoo – today are using Bing engine, Yandex in Russia, Baidu in China and Japan and some other.

Why do I need SEO?

This is the first question you have to ask before reading the whole article.

If you are looking for: get better rank on search engines; be found by the relevant search terms; increase the amount of traffic to your website and more reasons, you have to optimize your website and content.

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  • Astra PRO - a WordPress theme among the best.

How does search engine work?

When you use search engines, you don’t really search the internet, you search the engines index.

Let’s us to elaborate it, they are three functions on search engines:


First, Google, Bing and other have its own bot (Robot, spider). This Bot (Googlebot, Bingbot) crawls the web to find new sites and other content, especially by links that lead to other links, the bot follows these links – and this why it also knows as a spider.


Second, these search engines have their own Index, this is big data includes all of the information the spiders crawled.


The last is ranking, this one of the main factors why in the past Google won his competitors. The ranking is the major role of the search engine, this is how the engine ranks the results to help the user get the more relevant information he looking for.

How can SEO help me?

Your website is the most meaning tool across the internet for your organization. Whether you are a business owner, sales manager, E-commerce store owner or more, you want more customers and sales.

Yes, your website can be for many purposes, but you need to optimize it for: better time load, higher ranks, human-friendly, better user experience and more.

Netolink will optimize your website for these purposes:

  • Making your website more crawlable, indexable and higher rankable.
  • Optimizing code to reduce load time.
  • Mobile adjustment.
  • Ranking for relevant keywords and terms.
  • Navigation and site structure.
  • and more.

We at Netolink believe: when you help your customers to find your website, you automatically help your business to grow and get more customers and sales.