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SEO in 2017: 10 Predictions and Expected Changes

SEO in 2017 (Search Engine Optimization) will be more different, more aggressive and more significant changes compared to 2016, all this led by the major search engines. The search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo (Bing), Yandex will affect the appearance of the results and the rating, considering all other important parameters such as spam, mobile, and speed. What changes are likely to be us for SEO in 2017?

Rating and indexing HTTPS sites

HTTPS is the standard for securing your website pages and that you are securing the information of visitors to your site and customers. We believe that search engines, especially Google will begin to focus more on safer pages than the unsafe as one of the ranking signs. It is important to note that already in January 2017 Chrome browser of Google and Mozilla (Firefox) began to mark sites as “unsafe” which allow registration or log in using HTTP pages.

Google announced back in 2014 that https is one of the signs of the rating, but noted that his weight is light. Google released in December 2015 that she would first scan pages with https and then standard pages considering various parameters such as: if the SSL certificate proper if you let Google scan the page if there is no canonical URL to HTTP page and more. In one of our articles, we published information about the moving from HTTP to HTTPS so you can learn more.

Mobile friendly websites

The increasing use of mobile phone users and tablet affects the search giant. Google announced in November 2016 that the mobile index first began to build, which means when you search using mobile phones, optimized pages for mobile phones will be favorited to appear over nonoptimized pages for mobile. While this will not affect the search results via desktop computer.

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We notice that many websites are not tailored to mobile devices. It hurts you as a business, both in terms of search engines, and your clients. Therefore we recommend that you build a mobile site or a responsive, such that optimized to all devices: mobile and desktop.

More emphasis on web speed

Google’s AMP project and the Facebook’s Instant Articles project were set up to allow users to access the site quickly and webmasters to load the site immediately. Google’s project, AMP will continue to grow and now Google is introducing a number of articles with a carousel on a search engine and other changes. Therefore, we expect that the news websites and publishers will more to better standards for their users. Google now says that AMP is not part of the ranking algorithm of the search engine.

Moving from search by keywords to search by questions

Although the keywords have the highest search volume. Because users do not always find the information they want, keywords with a long tail or questions are the trend. Today users talking to search engines with questions to find the answers they need. Therefore it is necessary to help them find the information they are looking for.

Voice search is growing by taking share of the modern search

Google noted in mid-2016 at its conference that Voice Search is 20% of normal searches through mobile devices and devices running Android. Although modern search may not be changed, because the voice search is using by commands or questions – should adapt the information to users. Voice search can be “Find a store near me”, “How much time to go to the train?” etc.

An increase of result number 0 or featured snippets

Result number 0 or Featured snippets are the changes that the search engines have begun to do already in 2016 and we will see an increase in 2017. Featured sections are essentially immediate response that Google displays at the top of the search page, this section includes a summary of the answer and a link to information taken from him.

A snippet can be recommended for any city weather, time and hour, flights, questions “how?”, A recipe for cake and more. Google’s software pulls information from the site and adds it to the search result itself.

An increase of more quality content

Quality content is content that provides value to the surfer who enters to view and read the information. Search engines are increasing their credibility with that they provide quality content to the surfer who is looking for information. Content provided by the search engines are ads and links to various sites which should provide an answer to the surfer. Therefore, search engines prefer your quality content that your quality content along with other parameters will be higher on the results to provide value to the surfer.

Fight with techniques that violate quality guidelines

We believe that SEO in 2017 will include a fight with various techniques that violate search engine guidelines. These techniques can include spam, links are not real, techniques that are currently on Google’s quality guidelines and newer techniques that search engines are likely to reveal.

Note that the Google Penguin 4 update announced in September 2016 that he was now in real time. Penguin algorithm fighting with spam on various internet sites and Google removes results from the index until the webmaster fix it, Google said that it will not affect on the whole website but only in those parts.

Increase in presenting structured data

Structured data are the information you provide search engine about products, sites, and your business and enabling the search engines to understand better the information. If you are looking for an online business, sometimes you will get information about the business such as: Who is their CEO, foundation date, logo, stock price, phone, website, and more. It’s a bit like searching for the local business. Furthermore, structured data can be pictures of products with a review on the search engines, and more.

SEO in 2017 Key to Success: User Experience

To succeed in search engines and with customers we need to provide a great user experience for customers and users of the site. A good user experience, it encompasses some of what is listed in the article: Your website loading speed and information, a mobile adaptation, high-quality content for the users, a good site is also accessible for disabled people and other.

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