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Telegram Business: Creating and Setting up a Telegram Channel for Your Business

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to have conversations with friends, family and even at work. For those of you who have a Whatsapp, then Telegram is very similar to it and allows other solutions that the Whatsapp application does not allow you. It is important to note that Telegram allows you to create groups, supergroups, channels, and even bots.

Whatsapp and Telegram applications differ from how to use them, security, messaging, file size, group types, and more. For example, while a Whatsapp group can have 256 members, the Telegram group can accommodate 200 members but can be upgraded to a supergroup writer with up to 100,000 members.

In this article, we will talk about the possibility of creating a channel for your business through which you can announce news and publish useful information to your subscribers.

What is Telegram channel for business?

Telegram channel is your business channel – where you can post news, information, photos, videos and more. If you compare this to Facebook, then Telegram is very similar to a business page on Facebook. It does not have to be for business, but it suits business, in general, because of its character.

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You can create a public or private Telegram channel. When each public channel has its own link so that this link can be shared on your website and social networks, anyone can join your business телеграмм channel via this link or by searching for the channel name in the app. You can even create a private channel, but you can not search for it, and you can only join it with a unique link.

Another nice thing, you can access the Telegram via your computer. Whatsapp also allows this, but in Telegram, all chat is in a secure cloud and you can chat without having your phone connected.

Set up a Telegram channel for a business

In order to define a business telegram channel, you must first create a new one. You can create a telegraph channel via your phone application. Enter the app and click the menu in the top left, then click “New Channel”.

Channel name

In this section, you need to provide the name of your channel, remember that the channel name is the name your users will see, so use a short name and interest.

Profile picture

Use a high-quality profile photo that includes your logo. You need to use a picture in the form of a square, like the Facebook page profile image.

Channel description

Here you have to write a text about your channel, what it is meant for, what will be published there. The channel description will appear on your channel.

Channel type

Choose whether you want to create a public channel or a private channel. Anyone can search for a public television channel and join it. To join a private channel, you must have an invitation link.


If you decide that you are creating a public channel, create a unique link to your channel, you can use this link to publish the link on other sites. The link will be in the form of t.me/username, where username is your username that can also be accessed using the @ sign.

If you decide that the channel will be a private channel, then you will receive a unique link that can be shared so users can join you.

You’ve finished creating your channel and even set it up.

Edit Settings

If you decide to change your channel description or make additional changes, you can do so by logging in to your channel, then click the name of your channel, then click the gear and then click “Channel Info.” Here you can edit all your info: name, photo, description, channel type, link and more.

In this section, you will also find the option called “Sign Messages”. If you decide to activate this option, each time you publish on your channel, your name will appear, not the name of the business page. By default, this option is turned off so that once you publish a post, the channel logo and channel name will appear.


Well, you have your own business telegram channel. Now the most important step is to manage your channel professionally.

You can also access your channel via your computer’s browser using the link: https://web.telegram.org.

First, you need to add users to your channel and distribute your channel via social networks, website, forums, and more. Second, create quality content and share it on your channel. Third, and most importantly, use this tool as part of your marketing strategy.

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