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Terms Of Use

Terms of use are intended to regulate the relationship between Netolink and users.

Terms of use and conditions of service (the “Agreement”) govern these relationships between you and Netolink, if you do not agree with them, you may not use our solutions. By using solutions you agree and subject to this Agreement.

Netolink (the “Company”) internet marketing is a company that provides various solutions for businesses and organizations (the “solutions and/or services”) in the areas of Internet Marketing, SEO, social media marketing, analysis and monitoring, developing and designing websites, news and information blog and more. Below terms of use and conditions of service.

This agreement is in addition to our Privacy Policy are subject to all communications between you and us, means, that could be changed from time to time, including:

  • Official websites of our company.
  • Social networks in which we operate with the official accounts of the company.
  • Our official e-mail addresses.
  • Our official phones.
  • Events / Conferences / our meetings.
  • Our official offices.
  • Other as modified from time to time.


Search Engine – a system that allows search and find content in their large online database.
Social Network – a system allows users to register, to write posts, correspondence and more.
A third-party – sites of operation and monitoring, hosting companies, search engines, social networks, in various media sites, video sites, local listing sites and more.
Landing page – a page which the audience entered to sign up, buy a product or to convert.
Conversion – buying, subscribing to emails, leaving contact details and more.
Platform – a system for making a variety of options, such as sending emails, advertising, building a website and so on.

Description Our solutions:

Search engine optimization

The company helps to websites of business, brands, organizations and other entities (the “Clients / Customers “), to be optimized more for search engines (eg Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.). The solution helps customers to have websites that are adapted for crawling, indexing and ranking well in search engines.

With the solution we test sites, their errors, existing problems and treat these problems, we check the site structure, content, links, and other user experience. In addition, we are helping to create a connection between customer sites and the entire Internet, including link building, social connection, and trust and spam management. Thus the results may be improved – something which would bring in more visitors and users for customers using search engines.

The Company does not guarantee location in search engines and actually ranking, indexing and scanning depend solely on the search engines and their requirements, which may also vary from time to time.

Social Media Marketing

The solution helps clients to market and manage their brands on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. ..) in order to stimulate the involvement of social networks with the target audience of customers and help this target audience finally buy more products.

The solution actually helps manage the business pages from the stage of construction, collecting “followers” business pages, helping users engagement (likes, comments, shares), writing entries (posts), audience targeting, reports and more.

The solution does not include graphics, animation, video clips and other content that may be an additional charge for, all this will be the only customer responsibility. Netolink does not warrant the amount of exposure, acquisitions, conversions, mixed use and more.

Advertising (sponsored campaign management)

The solution helps customers to advertise themselves online with: Search Engines (above the organic search results or below), social media (publication of a variety of ads), media (the display or other names – in different sites across the internet), video (advertising customers videos), mobile / cellular (downloading apps, engagement, etc.), local (advertising on maps or other networks to raise awareness of local businesses), e-commerce and shopping (advertising products online store).

The company actually helps manage the entire customer campaigns in all these places in order to: enhancing awareness, improving revenues, targeting audience, manage budgets, preparing reports, advertisement writing, arranging awareness, adding or removing, and copywriting.

Netolink not be responsible for the images, landing pages, videos and graphics of the customers, they have to add it with an additional charge if selected graphics or video customer will be responsible for it and for its payment.

Site analysis and monitoring

The solution helps customers get a comprehensive analysis, and how to improve their marketing channels. Among other things, A / B testing to find the best content, heat maps, conversion optimization, analysis about the target audience of customers, handling issues on website and more. The Company shall not be responsible for missing data or incomplete.

Local business promotion

The solution helps customers adapt to local business correctly, get more visits to their local business, contact the business, finding a business on search engines, social networks, websites, listings, and help the audience in ways to go their local business.

Development and Design

The solution helps customers set up a website, a website for mobile devices, a web app or mobile, responsive website, building a comfort for the target audience of customers, error handling code, design and development, user experience and more. The development may be on the platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix or other open source platforms) or otherwise customized, including programming languages and other interfaces.

Sites or apps can fulfill the goals and business objectives of the company’s customers, including the interfaces inside the organization and outside the enterprise, company websites, commerce sites or other. Netolink is not responsible for the storage site or application and server speed, and so choose them and add an extra fee for them.

E-commerce and Shopping

The solution helps customers build a store in internet commerce platforms or custom, optimizing store for the search engine, optimizing store for social networks, optimizing to local businesses, characterization of the store and its functions, analyzing the store, marketing channels, building a system and interface and a variety of ways.

E-mail marketing

The solution helps customers establish a marketing mailing lists, news, and information to the target audience of the company. The solution includes the establishment of a list of subscribers, raising user subscriptions, list management, sending marketing information, analysis campaigns and more.


The company’s blog is a place where you can read information, articles, reviews, news and other content we can provide you whether a fee, free for registration or any other company chooses to do.


Netolink may periodically send information, news, promotional information and other who signed up for our mailing list.

Proprietary rights

Netolink owns all proprietary rights. Our site contains copyrighted material, trademarks and other proprietary information that we are legally their owners. Except public information or given written permission for its use, you may not use, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, publish, transmit, distribute, display, or exploit for any commercial or non-commercial, all part of the service, solutions, use of the service or solutions, steal, take fraud, or any other exploitation.

Using the company’s brands and/or trademarks maybe only with our brand guidelines.

Netolink may use images, videos, or other content to display on our site, our social networks, or any other place deemed appropriate by us. Use of this content is subject to copyright, if required by law to present a credit to the creator, it will be displayed, our license to display does not allow you to use it unless you request the creator itself. We may also use trademarks including logos, graphics, and any other media of companies, organizations, and other entities, the authority to display is subject to the brand use guidelines of these organizations only.

Personal Use

You may use our information for personal and non-commercial rather than harms the reputation of the company. You do not harm our company, the corporate brand, trade name, and reputation of the company, our web sites, our customers and any other means that can or may harm us.

You may not install viruses, software, robots, or anything else that could hurt the company’s website and/or servers that our website is located. Do not send spam, viruses in every way or another way of connection. You may not modify the content, code, programs will be given to you, you may not enable unauthorized access to the service.

IP address

Netolink reserves the right to defend itself and the company’s customers in any way and in its sole discretion, including blocking users’ browsing, IP addresses, countries and other.


Netolink will be permitted to change, to stop temporarily or permanently service/solution or part of it without notice. Please agree that Netolink is not responsible for injury or damage to you or to any third party.


Please see our privacy policy which is an integral part of this agreement. In addition, you agree and acknowledge that Netolink can provide access and exposure of your personal information if we were required to do so by law or these requirements. Among other things:

  • Enforce this agreement.
  • Comply with the legal process.
  • Copyright claims of third parties.
  • Responding to your requests.
  • Protect our company and customers and users of the company and the public.

Third-party content

Specific content, products or services may contain links to certain third party for the purpose of your comfort. You agree that Netolink not liable for these websites, their content, site availability, information and more for the reason that we are not responsible for and can not be responsible for them.

Since we provide digital marketing services, we provide objective information only and are not a price comparison website. However, a small portion of the links on this site leads to products or services that may earn us an affiliate commission for your purchases. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not responsible for any contract with them including prices, privacy policy, terms of use, returns or any other subject.

Accessibility Statement

The Netolink website is accessible according to accessibility level A. Although, Netolink is exempt from the accessibility of our website according to the Internet Access Regulations of the State of Israel, our company makes great efforts in order to make the content and information more accessible to the public with disabilities.

If you have any questions or comments about this, we will be happy to answer you, you can leave details through the contact form on the site.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the company, its subsidiaries, its parent corporation, sister companies or any company associated with us, directors, affiliates, agents, employees, and other partners, from any damage, loss, liability, claim or demand, including attorneys’ fees, arising from any breach of this agreement or any breach of your obligations, including property rights, copyrights, trademarks, proprietary information, patents, trade secret and other information.

Jurisdictions and courts

If there is a conflict between the above and other variants. Hebrew language version shall prevail. The agreement is subject to the laws of the State of Israel, and you expressly agree that the Israeli court documents.


Whether or explicitly stated or not, Netolink does not guarantee the number of the exposure, the involvement of users, traffic, leads, target audience, sales, conversions, and more. Solutions will be finally be subjected appendix to this agreement.

It is clear that the company is not liable for damages and losses incurred by customers due to the problems of third parties (platform, software, etc.). Including a slow, termination of services, availability or unavailability of the site, content deletion, non-approval of content, their policy changes, updates and other changes, and more. Netolink shall not be liable for any damage to your computer or anything else and you must maintain and backup all data.

Netolink may change these Terms and Conditions from time to time by updating this page, we do not undertake to provide updates and your responsibility to visit this page periodically. These terms and conditions are updated date (October 3, 2017).