Measure your success online and get an explanation of your users.

Web analytics (web analysis) is a solution that allows you to measure the success of your online business and track the movements of your visitors in order to gain insights.

Your business can also be more successful with comprehensive insights into your surfers. With Netolink’s solution, you will get all the tools and knowledge required to achieve your goals in your business.

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What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the web analytics solution includes among others:

  • Building strategy.
  • Setting Goal.
  • Examining current data.
  • Implementing of analytics systems.
  • Implementing of tag manager systems.
  • Building marketing funnels.
  • Defining events and goals.
  • Advanced implementation.
  • An in-depth explanation of the data.
  • Building reports and tables.
  • Creating dashboards.
  • Drawing conclusions and insights

What information systems, tracking, and monitoring do we know?

Netolink is proficient in the work and implementation of systems: Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Google Tag Manager, Yandex Metrica and more.

What are the benefits of the web analytics?

User research

Get information about users and segmentation options.

Site health

Get site health and error detection insights.


Measurement conversions and important events on your site.


Measuring and understanding online advertising activity, social networks, email and more.

Building audiences

Building audiences for future advertising or marketing needs with additional tools.

Surfer to customer

You can get user flow data until you become a customer.

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What else do I need to know?

In what systems we can analyze operations?

Our company, Netolink, provides web analytics for the following systems:

  • Analysis using Google Analytics.
  • Analysis using Google Tag Manager.
  • Visualization of data using Data Studio.
  • Tracking and analysis with Yandex Metrica.
  • Analysis using Mixpanel.
  • Tracking using heat maps.
  • And more.

There are a variety of systems with which we work and provide solutions to our customers.

How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the goal you want to achieve, what assets you have, and more.

Second, we formulate a characterization plan so that we can know what is important for you to measure and for which questions it is important for you to get answers so you can get insights and act accordingly.

After the characterization, we begin the implementation stage, which includes examining whether the systems were previously integrated and how, and then we implement a comprehensive implementation. In addition, we examine and perform QA to check whether the systems have been assimilated as required.

In the end, we make sure to create tailored reports for you and visual dashboards.

Do I need a website / landing page?

Yes! In order for us to provide you with the solution, we need to analyze the surfers’ traffic on your website or landing page.

If you do not have a landing page or website – do not worry! Our development and design department will create a quality website for you.

Web Analytics - Prices

The prices of the company are divided into 2:

  • Implementation (one time fee) – This is the cost of implementing the system on your website with the necessary tools.
  • Management (varies according to requirements) – This is the cost of managing data, receiving information and reports and other things on a regular basis.
No obligation!

You have no obligation and we do not sign you for a year or more. You may leave at any time, however, with a 30-day notice in advance that it will take effect at the end of the month after the advance notice is given.

What is Remarketing?

Once people have landed on your landing page, we can measure them and then create a unique audience to target additional campaigns.

For example, we can reach people who landed on your landing page and did not leave any contact information. Another example is, we can target people who have added a product to a shopping cart and then drop off and have not purchased your product.

There is a wide variety of targeting options by remarketing.

What can be measured and monitored?

Great question! In fact, you can measure anything that can be done, provided that it answers your questions so you can gain insights, for example:

  • Gain insight into users who have successfully completed a marketing funnel, and who’s out in the middle of the marketing funnel, as well as check out why it came out to improve performance.
  • Measure conversions as a result of advertising, traffic from social networks, search engines, email campaigns, and more.
  • Understand what is the most interesting content on your site so you can create similar content for good performance.
  • Receive reports and data on anything relevant to your users and website.
  • And more.

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