About Netolink

Who we are?

Hi 🙂
Nice to meet you… We, Netolink – an online digital marketing firm established in 2016.

We believe that businesses and organizations must manage their business activities wherever their target audience and customers are.

The internet is a great opportunity, the target audience is mostly online. Therefore the marketing department must act and be earlier closer to the audience.

We – offer the tools, knowledge and experience to do so.

What are we doing?

In short, we offer essential digital marketing solutions to every business owner and every marketing department in a corporation or organization.

We mainly focus on:

  • Neto marketing – marketing strategy, building a marketing plan, targeting target audiences, creating a marketing funnel, promotion through marketing channels, and more.
  • Neto development and design – creating advanced features, setting up websites and e-commerce systems (online stores), building landing pages, and more.
  • Neto Analytics – Implementation of measurement and monitoring tools, creating reports and receiving business insights, conducting research and testing, improving and increasing sales and revenue, and more.
  • Neto Business – Establishment and development of advanced business tools in areas related to marketing.

Our vision

Helping businesses achieve their marketing and business goals.

Our mission

Helping businesses set up online marketing activities.

Our core values


An integral part of the company’s operations. We believe in quality solutions that will contribute to the success of your business. We at Netolink, are confident that the success of your business is also our success.


An integral part of our relationship. Excellent cooperation is based on the trust between the parties, it also helps you achieve the goals and understand that there is someone to trust.


We believe in customer service at all stages, from the beginning and throughout the relationship. We are always here for you at all times. Whether during a quote, support, feedback or anything else you want.

How to contact us?

Very simple, fill out the form below, and receive a professional consulting and marketing call by an expert digital marketing representative.