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WhatsApp Generator – A free tool for creating a link to WhatsApp Business to send messages

Want to create a WhatsApp Business link? Netolink WhatsApp Generator is a tool to create a link to your WhatsApp for free – create a link now. The tool is free and allows you to perform this operation for free!

This page will help you understand better, including an explanation.

Create a link with a WhatsApp generator

Want to create a link? Simply enter the phone number of the person who needs to receive the message (you or your customer), and the message you want to send or prepare in advance.

Use this tool here:

WhatsApp Business link Tool

What is a WhatsApp generator?

WhatsApp Generator is a special Netolink’s tool that allows you to create a free WhatsApp link.

Remember, if you want to create a WhatsApp link to send a message without saving your contacts, you need to create a WhatsApp link. When pressed, you can start a chat conversation with the other party.

Our generator helps you to create such a link easily and quickly.

How to use WhatsApp generator?

To use our free WhatsApp generator tool, follow these steps:

  • Enter phone number – You need to enter the phone number of the person with whom you start the chat call via WhatsApp.
  • Select country code – Select the country code of the same phone number that should receive the message.
  • Add an initial message (optional) – Add a message that will be pre-entered when you start a chat with the same person.
  • Copy or click on the link – at the end, you will have the option to copy the link to paste it or click on it directly to start an instant chat.
  • Send the message – then, the app will open on your phone or browser on your computer (WhatsApp Web), just send the message and that’s it.

The phone number can be:

  • Of your business – if you want to allow the customer to contact you.
  • Of your customer – if you want to contact the customer yourself.

Questions and Answers

Is WhatsApp Generator Free?

Yes, the generator is free! You can use the tool for free, without obligation.

Who can I send a WhatsApp message to?

To any person or business, to streamline the referral process.
Please note: Be careful with the provisions of the spam and privacy laws.

How to use the tool?

Enter a phone number and country code and that’s it. It is possible to add a message prepared in advance, but not required.
Then copy the link or click on it.

Can the generator start a WhatsApp call?

No. WhatsApp still does not allow this.

Is it possible to add a photo or video or sticker?

No. But you can definitely add a smiley or emoji.

How to add a link to my site?

This is a standard link, so you can add it as a standard link to any page, menu, sidebar, and so on.

Where can I show the link?

You can add it to your website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, blog, email, or any other platform

Is it possible to shorten the link?

Definitely! You can use any tool to create a short link.