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Black Friday for Business – How to market a business or online store on the day of shopping?

Do you have an online business or e-commerce store? This is how you can market and promote on the day of shopping and profit from it, an advanced guide on Black Friday for business. We decided to give this information so you can earn and not look away.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the most popular shopping holiday in the entire world. Year after year the holiday becomes a bigger and bigger shopping day that breaks sales records.

Consumers around the world are especially looking forward to the biggest shopping day to make a purchase of the products they so desperately wanted, in the expectation that they will receive the same product at a substantial discount. In addition, in order to find new products to buy (actually spend the money, they are allowed).

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In fact, maybe you too, business owners, as a consumer hat, want to buy products for yourself or family, that you wanted in the past, but now you are more willing to make the purchase, among other things, because they (the products) will be given at a discount.

As a business owner or website owner who is an e-commerce store, you will want to promote and market your business especially during this period to bring in more traffic and customers and thus increase your sales.

When is Black Friday?

So, it is very important to know when the shopping holiday is taking place so that you can also prepare in advance.

Well, Black Friday this year takes place on the Friday after the 4th Thursday in November.

Black Friday for Business – How to Market?

In order to market your business or your digital store ahead of Black Friday shopping, you need to take a few steps.

Goal setting and metrics

The most important thing is to set your goal, especially when it comes to holiday shopping. You want to know if you achieved the goal or not, whether it was worth marketing the business on the shopping holiday or not.

Here it is very worthwhile to determine what you want to achieve, how many new customers, how many sales, how many repeat customers, how much revenue, and the like. It is also better to rely on additional metrics that can support a goal or secondary goals and objectives.

Planning and preparation

Before you start marketing your business, gaining sales and new customers, you need to plan ahead and prepare the necessary infrastructure for this.

For example, you need to create a suitable creative for the holiday, a special logo, design content, and images, make a special video for the holiday, create a Black Friday page on your website, set discount rates on products and display them, plan content publishing schedules and more.

Selecting relevant marketing channels

How do you actually want to reach your customers especially during the shopping holiday? Are the marketing channels search engines like Google or Bing, social networks like Facebook or Instagram, certain news and content sites, newsletters or emails, instant messages like WhatsApp or Telegram, opinion leaders, affiliate marketing, and more.

The recommendation is to invest more especially in the same platform that brings you more customers and is especially suitable during the holiday season. The channels vary according to the type of business you have.

Advertising and sharing promotions

Let your prospects know about the promotions you plan to present. Post it wisely in the marketing channels you have chosen beforehand.

You can take advantage of the various systems to present the information organically and in addition promote them in a sponsored way with a dedicated advertising budget.

Monitoring and improving performance

Each platform has statistics and analytics, so you can definitely know how many leads were searched, how many came into your site, how many were added to the cart, how many purchased, and so on.

If you are also investing in sponsored campaigns, then compare the revenue and expenses from those campaigns. To get insights about your return on investment.

Tips for Effective Business Marketing on Black Friday

In order for your marketing to be effective and bring results, there are a few things to know, here are some tips:

  • Set up a Black Friday page – Create a dedicated page “Black Friday” and it is recommended that the link include “/black-friday/” or in another language according to the type of audience and language. You can also add the year number, including by folder or directory.
  • Display promotions and products on the page – A Black Friday page can be a category, or a tag, or a regular page where the products are displayed including sorting and filtering options. It should be related only to holiday promotions.
  • Use quality images – When you invest in images for products or banners or holiday promotions, try to make them high quality and large, but that their weight and volume will be optimal without compromising the performance of the site.
  • Display your promotions on the home page – a Black Friday page or banner should be accessible directly from the most important page and is the main page of the site.
  • Display a banner for the holiday – it is very worthwhile to display an upper or lower banner that allows the audience to click on it to access the promotions page. This is so that the information is accessible even to those who do not directly access the home page.
  • Invest in organic and sponsored together – combine the two organic and sponsored places, both in search engines and social networks.
  • Create Shopping Campaigns – Google Shopping and Facebook Catalog Product Promotion Campaign are great campaigns, especially for Black Friday. Invest more in them than in other campaigns.
  • Offer the products even before the holiday begins – you do not have to offer the promotions at 00:00:00. You should also give them a purchase even a few days in advance. It is better to stay ahead of the competition and get customers to purchase from you and not from a competing site.
  • Let your customers know – Do you have regular customers? Let them know first about your promotions ahead of the holiday. These are your good customers and you should give them a priority.
  • Tag links specifically – To streamline the process, you may want to tag the links with a special UTM tag that includes Black Friday 2020. This will help you discern whether sales came from special campaigns or regular campaigns.
  • Give Coupons – Coupons are a marketing tool that can encourage customers to make appropriate purchases for your business. So it is very worthwhile to take advantage of this.
  • Get help from experts – If you do not have the knowledge or expertise, get help from an outside body that can bring you results. Instead of spending money without getting results, it is worth investing them while getting proven results.

By the way, give what your customers want, while providing excellent customer service and sales at the highest level. Remember that customers know what Black Friday is and they go to your site specifically to compare prices and purchase the products.