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Facebook Live – A Complete Guide

Facebook Live is a great way to share videos, meetings, and conferences in real time with friends, followers, and customers.

In this guide, we will discuss how Facebook Live can help you and your business, what are the best ways, how to create real-time broadcast through your computer and through cell phones and why it is important for your organization.


Facebook changes its algorithms all the time to answer the question “What will appear in Newsfeed for users?”, It is very important for marketers to know and understand the rules of the game. Facebook has preferences for what will appear and where, when the big goal: the user should stay on Facebook and a lot of time.

  • The user should stay on Facebook – Facebook does not like outbound links, news and other things that interfere with the user to stay in the world of Facebook.
  • The user should stay long – Facebook prefers posts that will keep the user on the site for a long time.

Therefore, we need to know that videos may appear at the top of the page, and live videos may be over them. Of course, much depends on the user, Facebook will offer the user posts that might interest him at the top of the page even if the post includes a link to an external site.

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Why is Facebook Live important for your organization?

Live video on Facebook helps individuals and businesses increase their audience engagement and thus increased exposure – this is a very significant part of marketing. Live video helps you get more comments, shares, expressions of emotion and all in real time. You can contact them by name in order to further increase their involvement.

Once a user participates in a conversation, his friends will be able to see it, and so on. The number of direct viewers and user engagement will increase – which is, of course, the purpose of all social marketing manager.

In addition, live broadcasting is a very good tool to create rapport with your customers, build trust, and explain about yourself and your organization.

What can be broadcasted in real time?

  • Events – Whether you are launching your new store or another event you can shoot live.
  • Conferences and conventions – types of events, but it comes at conferences and meetings such as the annual conference for business and etc.
  • Training Videos – how to use your product, and more.
  • Webinars and video questions and answers – you can contact directly to customers, talk to them and more.
  • Interviews – live interview with one of the organization’s managers.
    Other – sports, culture, entertainment and more.

How to broadcast in real time?

In the past, Facebook allowed only with the smartphone’s applications for android and ios, but now you can also through various tools on your laptop/computer. In this section, we will discuss how to broadcast directly to the phone, and via desktop computers, and we’ll talk about other options.

Live via phone

If you have a Facebook app or Pages Manager:

  1. Enter business page and click on new post.
  2. In the menu, press a live button.
  3. At that moment you just before the live broadcast. You can fill in a few options:
    • Privacy – who can watch a video? In pages, it is usually related to the public.
    • Target Audience – define who can see the post by location, age, and gender.
    • Camera – a camera that will be activated? Front or back.
    • Description – Description of the video.
  4. Click on a live button, will be 3 2 1 and live.
  5. Now you will see comments and likes. This is the most important part and you have to keep users engaged, contact them, read what they say, talk to them. You can also manage responses via computer.
  6. By clicking on the user you can:
    1. Block or unblock.
    2. Delete comment.
    3. Pin to top.
  7. Click on Finish.
  8. Now you can publish or delete.

Live via PC

To broadcast live via the computer you need to access your page through Facebook or through Business Manager. Of course, you must obtain a video encoding software or hardware that supports RTMP or RTMPS. Some popular encoding solutions:

  • Livestream
  • OBS
  • Wirecast
  • Xsplit
  • FFmpeg

Steps to do:

  1. On a business page, click on “publishing tools.”
  2. Click on the “Video Library” section of videos.
  3. Click on the button “live”.
  4. Depending on the encoding software, you will need to enter the server link. Each such suitable single video, if you decide to broadcast and cancel, you must get a new link and embed it, the link is valid for 7 days only. If you have already decided to use the link and you before the broadcast, you must within 5 hours to air. Otherwise, you’ll have a new link.
  5. After copying the link Click “Next”.
  6. At this point you can update:
    • The video title.
    • Topics labeling of a video.
    • Description of the post.
    • Advanced settings.
    • You can change location, tagging, etc. (like a regular post).
    • You can embed their video on the site or elsewhere.
  7. If you got “offline”, in your program you must start streaming (is the result of communication between the software and this particular post).
  8. Click on the “go live” or “schedule live.”
  9. During the live broadcast, you can respond, write, online viewers and total views.
  10. Finally, click “Finish”.
  11. Then you can see the video library of videos.

How to analyze the performance of Facebook Live?

Performance and analysis of live video similar to regular video but with additions. To get access it on the business page you should click on the insights >> Select the video and click on it. Once it will get numbers and analysis that can help you better understand your video, where he was the best and also:

  • Record live viewers – what point was the most people online.
  • Minutes view – a total number of minutes watching by users.
  • Unique.
  • The total number of views.
  • 10 seconds – how many times your video looks at least 10 seconds.
  • Average – Average viewing time.
  • Audience involvement – some shares, likes, etc.

Of course, you can also see the details about the post itself.

Tips to get the best of live video

  1. Definition – Before planning a live broadcast set yourself: What is the purpose of the live broadcast? What do you want to inspire? How long? What topics in the video? What content will be? Who is the target audience for the video? What is the best time to broadcast? Are some of the questions should be answered before live video.
  2. Description – Define the best description to get users to understand what they expect. It is important to note that normally videos play automatically and without sound or not (if the user canceled it), and it is also important to explain the best description.
  3. Testing – do all tests before posting, the internet, voice, image quality.
  4. Schedule – sometimes you should schedule the video in advance and notify users to help them turn their time and watch you from the beginning.
  5. Live map –  this is where you can get information about all videos are currently live. This is a potential place for getting your brand. To get there you have to stand on two requirements:
    • Privacy – Privacy Video must be public.
    • Location – Where in the world this live broadcast.
  6. Body language – the reason above (videos without sound), it is important to use correct body language to attract surfers to click on the video and turn on the sound.
  7. Explanation – explained several times in the video who is speaking, and for what the video. Not all users see the video as soon as he came, so it is important to repeatedly say the name of who is speaking and what video so that new users understand at each moment.
  8. A gap between posts – highly recommended not post immediately before and immediately after the live broadcast but keep a margin. The reason is simple, the live broadcast will get the most engagements.
  9. Encourage users liking, commenting and sharing – videos with high involvement are higher on news feed (front page), beyond that it helps users friends to see and also join the watch.
  10. Interaction and engagement – chat with viewers of the video, ask them questions, respond them, calling their name. several comments also an important indicator for Facebook’s algorithm.
  11. Proper management – Manage the video in the correct way, if you take your smartphone or computer and you do not have the ability to respond, ask for help from your team who can prescribe for you, respond to comments and talk with your viewers.
  12. Image and sound quality – Facebook allow video with 720p resolution (720 * 1280), and at a rate of 30 images (frames) per second. HD pictures and sound HQ, contribute significantly to watch. People like quality videos at a high level – helping them achieve this goal.
  13. Video length – avoid using video less than 15-20 minutes. Video too short will not help your cause – to define engagement with your brand. Try to extend the video so that users’ friends can see during the live broadcast.
  14. Subscribe – Ask users to “subscribe” at the end of the video, so that in future they also know about your next video.
  15. End – Do not forget to thank them for viewing and announce the end, so that next time they will be happy to watch your live broadcast.

Finally – Live Video Poll

Currently, the new trend on Facebook is creating a poll in live video.

How does it work?

If you have seen during the election period in the United States were surveyed live videos Click “Like” Trump or “love” for Clinton (or something like that, there were a number of them). Just like a live broadcast on Facebook, it’s time to survey the number of images and each image has a certain feeling and once users click on emotion this appears in the video. While this is not really a video and not really interesting but, as we said at the moment it is still a trend.

We do not elaborate again why people using it, as we have said over the benefits. The goal is to increase engagement, it actually increases the engagement but to utilize it correctly and know what to do with it next.

How to do it?

First of all, it works on your computer and not on the smartphone. You need the coding software as we said above. And must perform all the steps of the live broadcast through the computer up to the stage of the “go live”.

You should choose a background image. For example, an image with black shoes and white shoes. This image must upload a background image content.

Now you must create a survey and select the desired emotional expressions. The survey can be created using the following sites:

  • Live Reaction Polling.
  • Live Reactions Poll.

* Of course, there are other similar sites and videos exactly how to do it.

At the end, you need to put the link or file within the software. click on the “Launch” in the program, then it appears your post on Facebook. Facebook you press the “go live”, and that’s it.

Why is it important to do so?

The truth we think it is important and it can do much more interesting things. You can give users preference to what the better it can be a comparison between:

  • Technology.
  • Products.
  • Services.
  • Discounts and gifts.
  • Opinions and more.

Here are some examples of how you can take advantage of it:

  • Shoe Store: What better shoe white or black shoe, or brand A or brand B.
  • Cleaning Company: What do you prefer dry cleaning or wet cleaning?
  • Clothing store: a long dress or a short dress.

If you have questions and you want to express an opinion, you can leave a comment here or do Lake. Oh .. Do not worry, it does not work on Facebook.