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Using Push Notifications as an Effective and Important Marketing Channel

The option Push Notifications is an important tool for many businesses and organizations that are another marketing channel with your target audience. Push notifications (or push alerts) may appear on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone browser or your installed apps.

In this article we will discuss mainly push notifications on the Internet, ie using the browser. Of course, we’ll touch the apps a bit.

What are Push Notifications?

You may be familiar with push notifications if you use different mobile apps, such as social medias, chat correspondence, news site apps, games, or various gadget apps. These messages are very similar to SMS like on mobile phone or messages of your operating system like on a regular computer.

Push notifications also appear when you’re not connected to the app or website and it’s an advantage for you to use the tool for your marketing.

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For example, this may appear as soon as your friend on Facebook leaves you a comment, and you are notified. When you use a news site app and are notified of a new article.

How can push notifications help you?

So after we’ve explained what push alerts are, now comes the step to explain how they can help you and how you can benefit from this tool.

Instant messaging is used primarily for news and information sites, alerts from sites that display information about weather, traffic and road congestion, transportation and flight announcements, game alerts, and more.

But in addition, you can use the tool to help your business:

  1. Promoting products and offers to increase sales.
  2. Convert new and unknown users to known customers.
  3. Transfer users to other marketing channels such as social networks, sign up to receive emails and more.
  4. Improve customer service.
  5. Submit transaction certificates or additional information.
  6. Increasing customer retention and selling products to existing customers.

How can users connect to the push messaging service?

First of all, you must implement the system on your site the possibility of these messages using software, plugin, code or any other technology.

In order for consumers to receive push messages from you, they must sign up (Opt In) to the service. This can be done using two forms:

  1. A special pop-up message that users receive as soon as they enter your website.
  2. When users allow push notifications from all sites, or when they give permission to your website (especially in browser settings, not really popular).

How can users log out of push messaging?

You should allow consumers to disconnect from the service (opt out) as soon as they want or get tired of it. Users have several options:

  1. By the system, you have implemented on your website.
  2. Clicking in the browser’s address bar and removing the option to receive instant messages.
  3. Entering your browser settings into the “Alerts / Notifications” section.
  4. Resetting or removing a browser.

The main advantages when using the push alerts service

Before discussing the key benefits, it’s important to know that these notifications are directly related to the user. That is, you are directly addressing the user who may also be your customer with some probability. Let’s start with the benefits:

No spam folder

Push notifications do not have spam folders, which is a very important advantage to note. Because once you send an alert to the user that may contain marketing information, he or she will see it immediately or as soon as he enters the browser or a convenient time for him according to how you have defined it. Actually, the notification is not found in the hidden folder if we compare this channel to a marketing by e-mail.

High opt in ratio

The registration ratio is the ratio of how many users sign up to the service by how many times users have been able to connect to the service. That is, if the membership message was shown to 100 users and only 50 users joined, then the registration rate is 50%.

A high opt in a ratio is an important advantage for you because of the higher your user base, the more likely you are to recruit more customers.

High reaction ratio

The reaction ratio or click through rate is the number of actual engagements or clicks of users who have already logged in to the service by the number of times the push message was shown to them. The response/click ratio of instant notifications is up to 4x higher than email, and in some industries, this ratio reaches 40%.

Encouraging user engagement

There is a difference between sites/apps without a push alert service and those with this option. One is that notifications encourage users to get more involved with your brand, whether you’re providing them with essential information, a new option, or anything else. That way they also remember you better.

Customer Service / Customer retention

Remember: Customers who have purchased from you are already loyal customers to your brand and may purchase from you in the future. When your customers subscribe to the service, you can offer them new products/services, complementary products, answer their requests, and more.

Costs are relatively cheap

Push alerts are usually a cheaper marketing channel compared to other channels, especially when compared to search engine advertising or social media advertising. This can be measured by setting up various organic or online sponsored campaigns and measuring your costs relative to the number of prospects you received.

Increase site traffic

Have you posted a new article? When you enable the publication of the article, the first people who can read the article are the users who are connected to this service. very simple.

Once you post a video on YouTube, the first to see it are your subscribers on the channel. On Facebook, too, it works in this way, and of course in other places.

This is, therefore, an important tool especially if you publish articles and other information on your website.

Prominent features when using the push notifications option

There are quite a few push notifications features that characterize the marketing channel compared to other channels, and additional suggested services that can be performed, including third-party interfacing, data analysis, and more. Here are the features:

Personal customization

If you identify your users, you can simply customize them with custom push notifications. Similar to an email marketing campaign.


Interfacing with other third-party systems for purposes such as CRM systems, analytics systems (such as Google Analytics), content management systems and more.

A/B Testing

A/B tests allow us to send different messages to two groups of users in order to know which message has performed better, thus learning more about users.


Analysis tools are very important in this part, with the tool you can get all the information about your users. how many people, which browsers are connecting, country, operating system, IP address, language, response ratio, and other important information.

Import and Export

Users can be imported and exported between different systems, without losing users’ registration.

Segmentation and targeting

You can easily segment a target audience and send them targeted messages.


You can send the messages immediately or comfortable time for them. Customers can also get messages according to the time zone in their location.


Usually, the service does not require heavy resources so the alerts appear easily and quickly, without delay.


If any condition is met, then perform the action. That is, through automation, you can save work and streamline the system.

Push notifications management systems

In this section, we have decided to provide you with information about various vendors that enable the use of a system for managing and publishing alerts. All provide a management and analysis system for all of your campaigns and enable additional features to help you further.


A highly popular push notifications management system that can be used with the unlimited number of alerts and quantity of users, can be segmented to the target audience, sent by time, scheduling, analytical tools, A / B Testing and more. By the way, if you use WordPress you have earned, there is an extension that interfaces to your site.

Price: 100% free.

Urban Airship

Another popular push alarm management system, unlimited in a number of messages, time, segmentation, scheduling, forum access and more.

Price: There are several packages, there is a free package up to 1000 users and additional packages up to $ 149 a month.


A well-known push notifications management system in the market, unlimited in number of messages, automation, analytics, A / B testing, customization, rich media and more.

Price: There are several packages, free up to 500,000 devices, plus several packages up to $ 125 a month.


A push notifications management system that allows unlimited notifications, adding images, multiple websites, valid alerts, adding emoticons and more.
Price: Free up to 500 users, packages ranging from $ 25 to $ 750, depending on usage and requirements.


A push notifications management system that enables alerts on Facebook Messenger, and includes personalization, automation, analytics, scheduling, A / B tests, icons, sound and more.

Price: Not published on the site, but you can use his blood for free.


Of course, there are other vendors that enable you to manage push notifications by systems, we have not checked them all, but these 5 systems are enough to start working.

As we have seen, there are many advantages to this marketing channel. Considering that this is in the growth, and has additional advantages beyond other channels, it is important for us to be there, otherwise, we will miss the train.

While using this channel does not guarantee you results, it is highly recommended to use a company that can provide you with all the necessary services for your success. From the integration of the system in your website, integrating with other systems, and building a marketing strategy for your success.

If you decide that you are interested in the service, just leave us a message and we will help you.