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Remarketing (or Retargeting) – what it is and why is it worthwhile for business?

In order to start talking about what is remarketing and why it is really worthwhile, we decided to begin to illustrate this with a very simple example that many of you probably know.

Happened to you a case and say you wanted to buy any product on the Internet, for example, a product for the home, you went to the website, you saw a product, you continued to browse another similar product of another brand and another product, and finally something drew your attention, you decided to leave the website with no purchase. After a day or two, you surfed a website to read the news and interesting content and saw this product as an ad on the site and were surprised, then read another article and again an ad on the same product and even get a 15% discount on the product.

At this point, you click on the ad, accept the discount, buy the product and say to yourself, How wonderful it happened.

Now, imagine you have entered few websites and finally deciding to purchase the product from a specific site, there may be many reasons, but quite a few cases of re-marketing the product, which makes you think that it is better than the competitors and purchase it.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing (or Retargeting) is an act in which we solicit customers who have already been on a landing page or on our website by displaying our advertisements. The customer sees the ads repeatedly when he browses on different websites so that the customer returns to the site and purchases the products or services we offer.

The background of a remarketing method is that only a certain percentage of all surfers on our website convert, that is, buy a product through an e-commerce site or store, or leave contact details for a quote.

In fact, estimates are that between 1% and 10% of all surfers of your website make a purchase or an action which is worth the money for you. Of course, there are also data that are outside of the assessment mentioned in the previous sentence, for better or worse, but most customers in the distribution, are in this region

The other surfers, 90% to 99%, are people who do not leave contact details or do not purchase products on your website. So it seems that this is an expensive advertising since most surfers are such. In this case, the solution is remarketing/retargeting, by which we call these people back to our website or landing page.

Stages of the Remarketing Method – How It Works Step by Step

Below are the different steps according to the method of remarketing for a sponsored advertisement.

  1. We implement a dedicated code (script/pixel) on the website or on the landing page.
  2. Your customer enters your website or landing page (regardless of whether you landed with sponsored advertising or through organic search engine optimization).
  3. A cookie is created for the client by the advertising/analytics system of the source code.
  4. Your customer browses the site, decides to buy a product (or leaves contact details) or decides not to purchase or leave details and then leave the site.
  5. We create a target audience for those users who were on a website or landing page based on different parameters.
  6. We place an advertisement in the advertising system for the same target audience.
  7. Your customer browses on other websites, blogs, news sites, social networks or search engines – and sees your ads over and over again.
  8. The customer feels that all sites recommend your business and therefore decides to click on the ad.
  9. The customer remembers that he has already been on your website and decides this time to purchase through you or leave contact details.
  10. You return to the client and close the deal.

Why is remarketing a good method?

The assumption behind the remarketing / retargeting method is that the user we are targeting has been on our website, remember you and the brand, and there is a very good chance that the additional time he lands on the site again, he will either buy the product or leave a request for a quote from you. In fact, the chances of making a purchase or conversion from the same customer are higher than a customer entering for the first time.

In addition, the customer browses on various websites, reads articles and news, the ads continue to chase him everywhere. The customer feels that all the websites advise him to purchase from you, whether it is a service like yours, or even a specific product that you wanted to purchase.

Finally, the remarking is usually cheaper than the standard advertising method. This is because the customer has already been at your site and is very likely to be your potential target audience.

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