Turn your audience into customers with quality content.

Content marketing makes it possible to turn a targeted audience into paying customers while they are looking for quality content created by your brand, they will become a target audience relevant to the business’s customers.

Your business can also reach more customers by adding valuable content to your customers. With Netolink’s solution, you get all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

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What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the content marketing solution includes among others:

  • Building strategy.
  • Setting target and business goal.
  • Target audience segmentation.
  • Competitors research.
  • Creating valuable content.
  • Distributing content.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Improving Performance.

Where can I promote through content marketing?

Netolink specializes in providing content marketing solutions: blog, videos, podcast, newsletter, push notifications and more.

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Decision Making

Quality content may affect customer behavior and make a purchase.

Flexible budget

The larger the budget, the more money you can invest in quality.

No charge

No pay per click or exposure.


An effective way to get inquiries, since this is not advertising.

long term investment

Quality content is a long-term asset.

Analysis and control

Advanced performance options, analysis, and full control.

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What else do I need to know?

Where can we promote?

Our company, Netolink, provides the following content marketing solutions:

  • Marketing through a newsletter.
  • Marketing through a podcast.
  • Push Notifications marketing.
  • Video marketing.
  • Marketing as an eBook.
  • Blog marketing.
How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the services you offer, who your target audience is, who your customers are, what goal you want to achieve, and more.

Second, we are building a strategy and formulating a work plan. Next, we segment your audience while understanding what type of content best suits them.

We then create the content for you and begin distributing it to your target audience.

When the campaign is in the air, we review its performance while improving performance for effective budget utilization.

Do I need a website, channel, or list?

A list is a list of contacts that are connected to your email or subscribed to your edit on YouTube, Facebook, Push notifications, and so on.

In order for us to distribute your content, you need registrants or people interested in your business. Even if you have regular readers on the blog, this is very good.

If you have a list, regular readers or subscribers – excellent!

If you do not have – do not worry! We will build a high-quality newsletter or blog list for you.

Content Marketing - Prices

Netolink’s prices are highly dependent on your business and the goal you want to achieve, including:

  • Content creation (one time fee) – This is the cost of creating content, targeting, placements and running lists.
  • Content Management (fixed monthly payment) – This is the cost of managing content, including analytics services, performance improvements, and other management information.
No obligation!

You have no obligation and we do not sign you for a year or more. You may leave at any time, however, with a 30-day notice in advance that it will take effect at the end of the month after the advance notice is given.

What is Remarketing?

Once people have landed on your landing page, we can measure them and then create a unique audience to target additional campaigns.

For example, we can contact people who landed on your landing page and did not leave any contact information. Another example is, we can target people who have added a product to a shopping cart and then drop off and have not purchased your product.

There is a wide variety of targeting options by remarketing.

What can I promote?

Great question! As part of the content-based marketing service, you can actually promote any content you have, for example:

  • A new podcast about news and interesting details.
  • Webinar How to use your product/service.
  • A video that includes the description and structure of the product.
  • A text guide explaining how to choose a company that provides services like yours.
  • E-book against registration.
  • And more.
Is it possible to measure results?

Yes! User analysis and monitoring systems can be embedded into your website so we can measure how many people landed on your website, how many people read the article or downloaded the e-book, and how many people left contact information. We can measure conversions and then target more people.

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