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Facebook Recommendations – How will your business benefit from this?

Facebook recently launched a tool called Recommendations to help applicants and other people get information about services and businesses somewhere. We estimate that this service is related to the fact that some pages have the “Recommend this page to friends” option just below inviting friends to the page.

What are Facebook Recommendations?

Know that you are looking for service, eat or buy something in a new city that you do not know? And it does not matter if you’re hiking, or even flying for vacation in the country or abroad. The new tool, Facebook Recommendations provides an answer.

With the new tool you can ask a question and add the area you are in there (it does not require GPS, it means that you can ask a question in advance and get an answer), then a map will be added to your question and it will look like a regular post. When the post is published, your friends will be able to reply to you in response to this post and can add businesses and services located in the area you requested.

How to access Facebook Recommendations?

Facebook Recommendations can be accessed using 2 ways (at least at the moment):

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  1. The first way:
    • Go to the main page of Facebook (Newsfeed).
    • On the sidebar, in the “Explore” section, click “show more”.
    • Click on “Recommendations”.
  2. The second way is by clicking this link.

How to request a recommendation?

If you would like to ask for a recommendation from your friends, go to the previous link and click the green “Ask for recommendation” button under the menu. You’ll then have the option to add a post.

In the status, ask your question or request, for example: “Looking for a nearby clothing store,” and below that, you must enter a location, for example Madrid. Select the audience, who can see your post (public, friends, etc.) and finally click the “Publish” button.

This is, now the post will be published and it will be in your profile like any other post, your friends will be able to see the request on the main page (Newsfeed) and they will be able to answer you.

How to provide a recommendation?

If you want to provide a recommendation to a friend or someone you are following, that’s great. On the Facebook main page, you can see if any of your friends have posted a recommendation.

Once you see, you will be able to respond to them just as your comment to a regular post. Once you’ve responded, you’ll also have the option to add a link to the comment, the link to the comment is actually a business page that you recommend. Just start typing and the business page will appear to you and then select it. Once you select the business, it will appear on the map with the status of the member who requested the recommendation.

Tip: You can add more than one recommendation to each of your comments.

How will Facebook Recommendations help your business?

This is the most important part for you (businesses and organizations). Because this tool connects consumers and businesses, you should use this tool to your advantage. But a necessary number of things to get started:

  1. You must have a local business page or a local business page created by Facebook.
  2. You must add check-in on your business page.

These two things are necessary, otherwise, people will not be able to point to your business once they want to recommend to their friends because it will not appear as you type. At the moment they recommend you, you will enjoy two main things:

  1. You will appear on the map within the status of the applicant.
  2. The response of the person who recommended you is actually the link to your business page – which will help the applicant to click and order your service and even get to you directly.

How to get people to recommend you?

Well, every business has its own ways of getting people and customers to recommend you. One of the best ways is to ask your customers to recommend you once they see a status like this, so you can post it on your business page.

Well, up to this new Facebook tool, you can comment here of course if you want to get more information or to express your opinion. Local businesses? It does not end here, contact us today and start receiving customer inquiries for your local business through social networks, search engines and more. Get first-time advice at no cost.