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Advertising on Google Ads: How to place ads and advertisements on Google

Google advertising is the largest Internet advertising channel in the world and it is not by chance, Google is the largest search engine in the world and can be published through its tool called: Google Adwords.

According to Statcounter statistics, Google holds a global market share of about 90% and therefore Google is a very necessary marketing channel among businesses and organizations when they want to display their products and services by when customers search them through the search engine.

To advertise on Google, you need to know Google’s smart advertising system called Google Adwords.

What is Advertising on Google Ads?

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system that allows large and small businesses to showcase your business, services, or products while tagging with the word “sponsored” indicating that it’s a paid ad.

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Google allows everyone to create a free advertising account and you can connect to other accounts such as your YouTube account, Google Account for my business, Google Analytics and more.

With Google’s advertising system, you can expose your business to new customers, bring more visitors to your website or landing page, drive more visits to your local store, increase your download downloads, and more. Your ads will appear in a variety of powerful places and tools such as Google’s own search results, Google Maps, Google’s app store, and more.

What are the benefits of advertising on Google?

Advertising on Google AdWords is significantly different from advertising elsewhere, both online and offline.

1. A large target audience

Customers use the search engine for a number of reasons, from searching for information, finding products or services, learning, buying, and more. This is compounded by the fact that every day millions of users are made every day.

2. Different locations

With Google advertising, you can determine where your ad will appear. Your ad can be here:

  • Google – above and below the organic results in different Google keywords.
  • YouTube – An ad that appears on the world’s largest video search engine.
  • Google Maps – an ad found when searching for a local business on Google Maps.
  • Google Play – an ad in the largest app store in the world.
  • The Display Network – A network of websites that include news and content sites.
  • Shopping – Ads found on Google and in e-commerce systems.

3. Keyword targeting

You can target your ads to appear when your customer enters the keyword and wants the service. You can also target different match types, that is when a user enters a completely identical keyword, a similar keyword, misspellings, and so on.

4. Audience targeting

You can control who sees your ad, when, and where. For example, you can target your audience by focusing specifically, for example:

  • Geographic location – Target a target audience that is specifically located in a particular residential area or who is interested in that location.
  • Age – You can target a specific age range.
  • Gender – Subject to men, women, or together.
  • Device – You can target people using a mobile phone, computer, or tablet.
  • Language – You can target by user’s language.
  • Placements – You can target websites where your ad appears.
  • Topics – You can target topics and interests.
  • Exclude – You can exclude an irrelevant audience.

In addition, you can create a target audience by using the Google Analytics or AdWords Conversion Tracking tools.

5. Flexible budget

You can invest any amount of money, no minimum and no maximum. Allowing small businesses to appear in search results and other locations.

6. Pricing and bidding

Google allows you to pay money for results and this is significantly different from traditional advertising such as advertising in a local newspaper. Pricing can be done by:

  • Payment for ad exposures.
  • Payment for ad clicks.
  • Watch the video.
  • Pricing by conversions (doing something like signing up for a contact form).
  • More advanced pricing (for those who are experts in the field).

As you can see, you do not have to pay a sum per month and that’s it, but you only pay for results.

7. Ad Types

Google allows you to add many different ad types. These ads can be text ads, text image ads, video ads, app download ads, call engagement ads, and more. So it’s about a wide range of ads for businesses.

8. Analysis and control

Google’s smart advertising system lets you get information about the performance of your ads, keywords, placements, campaigns, and more – allowing you to understand whether you’re doing the right job or not. This information includes how many people clicked on the ads, how many watched the video, how many exposures they received, which ads were better, and more.

9. Advanced operations

Google Adwords allows you to create more advanced settings, perform A / B tests, add scripts, perform smart and more. You do not have to use it, but for experts and for more complex things, you need to use it.

What else do you need to know before advertising on Google Adwords?

Before you decide to advertise on Google, you need to know a few more things that will greatly affect your results:

  • Purpose – You must determine the purpose of the campaign (campaign) that matches your business goals. Set a clear and precise goal when it is time-limited and achievable. For example, Closing sales with 50 customers within 60 days.
  • Budget – You must set a monthly budget that you want to invest in Google. This budget is an important issue because it determines how much you will ultimately pay and whether you will reach your goal.
  • Landing Page / Website – With the exception of individual campaigns, you must create a page on the web that aims, among other things, to collect your customer contact information. When a customer clicks on the ad he actually comes to this page.
  • Creative – Creative is the ad itself, whether it is a video or image, text and more. Who will create and edit a video clip and more.
  • Rules and Guidelines – There are problem areas that have special limitations and guidelines in the advertising system or country limits. For example, advertising of alcoholic beverages, health services and aesthetics, financial services and more.
  • Other tools – If you want to advertise on YouTube or your shopping store, you need to link these accounts. Also, link Google Analytics account to AdWords.

Google Adwords Prices

It is very important to know how much money advertising costs on Google, however, there is no unequivocal answer and we will explain. Advertising on Google is highly dependent on a number of factors and may change from time to time.

First, Google’s advertising space is relatively limited, so once it enters a new competition, competition increases and prices start to rise.

In addition, the more qualified your ad is to your target audience and the keywords match your ad and landing page, the more likely you are to appear in a higher result and accordingly pay less.

Finally, when you work with an advertising company, you have the costs of setting up and managing your advertising system. On the other hand, as a professional company, we take care of the highest level of quality.

How to begin?

If you decide to work with us – excellent. After you leave your details, our representative will contact you in order to receive information about you and your business, the purpose of the publication, and other details so that we can determine what is right for you.