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Google Penguin – What is it and how does it affect SEO on Google?

Google is an advanced search engine designed to organize all the information on the web and present it to users, the search engine has tools and algorithms on which it is based like Google Penguin. It is a tool that fights phenomena that harm the user experience.

Here is all the information.

What is a Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is a nickname for the algorithm of the Google search engine which was first announced on 24.04.2012. This is an algorithm that reduces the exposure of websites that violate Google’s guidelines regarding SEO.

The purpose of the algorithm is to reward high-quality websites that provide excellent content, create a fast website and provide a good browsing experience. It also fights the phenomenon of webspam in which websites use methods aimed at tricking the search engine and appearing in higher results.

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According to the data, Google’s Penguin was launched with an impact on 3.1% of search terms. Over time, the algorithm has been updated over and over again and has affected additional amounts of search terms. As of September 23, 2016, Google Penguin has become part of Google’s core algorithm.

It should be noted that according to Google data, there are over 200 different algorithms (signals) on which the search engine is based and according to which the results are ranked.

Google Penguin – Reasons Why It Was Launched

Google Penguin was launched to combat 2 main phenomena:

  • Keyword stuffing – When keywords are stuffed in order to influence search engine rankings. This list is usually of no particular value to the user and may be displayed in a list or sequence of words in paragraphs.
  • Link schemes – When getting links not in a natural way in order to influence search engine rankings. For example, buying links, exchanging links (I link to you and you link to me), many marketing articles with a keyword-based link, and more.

What does Google Penguin do?

Google Penguin has caused rankings in search results for sites that run in violation of quality guidelines to drop significantly.

That is, if those sites had high scores because they used spam (link schemes and keyword stuffing) – now their rankings have been compromised.

Penguin 4

Penguin 4.0 which is the number 7 update of the Penguin Algorithm is the latest and final update and it was launched on 23.09.2016.

Penguin 4 has come up with new features and they are:

  • Real-time – Before that, the effect was only when launching a new version of the algorithm, now the algorithm changes in real-time. So that the effect of results and rankings is done immediately (from today to tomorrow). That is anyone who scams can see an adverse change immediately without waiting for updates.
  • Individual – Before that, there was an effect on the whole site, from now on the algorithm only affects the specific content that violates the guidelines.

On that occasion, Google stated that it no longer intended to confirm that there had been a penguin update. So the update is done in real time, always.

How to know if your site has been hit?

To know if your site has been infected, you just need to know if there has been a drop in search engine rankings at that point in time when you took action against the guidelines. At the same time, it is important to note that most of the time the update affects many sites at the same time.

So if your site is damaged, and other sites are not, it is most likely a problem that is specifically related to your site.

How to recover and resolve?

If your site is hit as a result, you simply need to act as you were before performing the actions against the guidelines, as much as possible. In fact, the following should be done:

  • Removal of links you received unnaturally (link exchange, buying links, etc.).
  • Disavowal of links to your site, if you do not have control over the site that sent you the links and you do not have the ability to request it from it.
  • Fixing the content of the site or article so that not many and compressed keywords appear in the list or sequence.
  • Removal of keywords that are irrelevant if any.

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