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Pinterest Business – How to use, create and manage a business account?

Have you heard of Pinterest or are looking for information about it? This article can help businesses know how to create a business account – Pinterest Business Guide. This is a special social network that not everyone knows or knows, but it is suitable to say to all businesses.

Pinterest has two types of accounts – a personal account and a business account. The difference is mainly in marketing tools and analytics provided to business accounts, including the ability and possibility to create paid ads.

What is Pinterest Business?

Pinterest is a special social network that is focused on ideas and visual content. People come to Pinterest to look for different ideas – how to design the house, examples of designing dresses, recipes for cakes, ideas for living room pictures, DIY guides and more.

According to Pinterest data:

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  • Over 300 million active users per month (August 2019).
  • 98% of people tried something new they found on Pinterest.
  • 84% use Pinterest when they decide what to buy.
  • 77% recognized a new brand or business.

With a Pinterest Business account, you can post visual posts (pins) that help your target audience make a smart buying decision. From the posts, you can create infographics that show the essence of a long guide, tips for wise purchase, DIY guides, different ideas on how to use products, and more.

A business account, as opposed to a private account, includes various tools such as sponsored post advertising (pins), target audience analytics tools, integration Pixel Pesterest for the site, advanced integration into e-commerce sites, and more.

How to create a Pinterest account for business?

In general, you can create a business account by creating a business account from the start or by converting a personal account into a business account. Conversion is a short step and a matter of only a few seconds later we will explain how to do it.

To create a business account:

  • You need access the website in this link and fill out an email and password.
  • Then select a language and country.
  • Then enter the name of the account and you should call the name of the brand. Also, choose a suitable category (local business, brand, public figure, e-commerce website, etc.).
  • Link to website (optional).
  • Instagram Connection, Etsy, YouTube (optional).
  • Do you want to advertise a sponsored ad (yes, no, not sure)?
  • Choosing a topic (s) relevant to the business (home design, tourism, furniture, art, etc.).
  • In general, it is the business account that has been established and it is now important to correctly define a business account.

Setting up a Pinterest business account

After signing up and creating a business account, you now need to make certain settings. To access account settings, click on the 3 dots horizontally on the top right and click “Settings”.

Here’s how it looks:

Pinterest business settings
Pinterest business settings

The settings are broken down as follows:

1. Edit profile

Here you can edit Pinterest business profile:

  • Profile image – should be over 165 * 165 pixels (more about the size of images for social networks).
  • Display Name – This is the name of the business as it will be displayed in the account.
  • Username – This is the username of your profile, which also creates a custom link.
  • About – This is a part of your writing, not too much, but in a way that explains you.
  • Country – Select the country to which the profile belongs.

2. Account settings

Here you actually set your account settings, email address, password change, country and language, contact name, gender, business type (category), login option via Google or Facebook, and account closure option.

In addition, in this section, you can turn a private account into a business account, and vice versa.

3. Claim

In this section, you can verify the address of your website that is associated with the Pinterest account. This helps and shows people that this is your official account, as well as more information about shares belonging to your domain.

In addition, other accounts can also be verified, an Instagram business, an ETSY account, a YouTube account.

4. Additional settings

  • Alerts – This is a part of which allows you to control which alerts are sent to the email address and which alerts are displayed in your account.
  • Privacy – Here you can set privacy settings and ads.
  • Security – different security settings.
  • Apps – Manage connected apps here.

How To Use A Pinterest Business Account?

So far there was the part of how to create and set up a Pinterest account for businesses. Now we’ll show you how to use one.

Posts in Pinterest are called Pins – visual bookmarks. They can be images with videos, with or without a link to the website. In Pinterest, the images are along – portrait (not landscape) or square images and the clips should also be in the length or shape of a square.

You can upload photos or videos directly by clicking on the plus (+) then creating a pin, then adding a photo or video, a title of up to 30 characters, a description of 500 characters, and a link to a website. Another way is to upload a link directly, Pinterest will use the information on the web page to use the image, title, and description from there.

Each pin must be inside a board. A board is a catalog or category that can contain a few pins and should have a common theme. You can create a private panel (no one has access there except for the account itself).

You can follow other accounts, like other social networks, to get updates on their posts and get more ideas via the main page on Pinterest. You can also save their posts within your own calendar.

It is also important to note that there are rich-pins tools that are more advanced, and adapt to the type of post. For example, there are pins designed for products that include the price of the product, title, description, and image. There are pins of recipes that they include and the recipe itself inside the pin.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest makes it possible to gain additional insights through its analytical tools. The tool lets you know how your users and audience are behaving with the content of your business. Views, Engagement, Clicks, Closeup, Save, and more.

You can also gain insights and information about the domain of your site, the users you target, and the behavior with your posts.

Pinterest Sponsored Advertising

Pinterest enables businesses to promote their posts across Pinterest to reach target audiences and present content for them. Payment is by clicks, views, and more.

Of course, there is a Pinterest Pixel tool that allows you to embed code on the site to track site operations and target audiences.

How to begin?

Create a new account (or convert a private account into a business), define your business account, track interesting topics and people, and start posting helpful posts.