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Social Media Advertising

Reach customers where they are.

Social media advertising lets you show your business and the services you offer with sponsored ads to customers while they’re in touch with friends and businesses like yours on social networks.

Your business can also reach more customers through targeted and quality advertising. With Netolink’s solution, you get all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the social media advertising solution includes among others:

  • Building strategy.
  • Setting Goal.
  • Targeting options.
  • Setting Budget.
  • Creating a campaign.
  • Creating ads.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Improving Performance.

What are the benefits of social media advertising?

  • Reach – Ads appear to customers that are relevant to your business.
  • No min budget – You can invest any budget you can afford.
  • Pay per click – You are charged for clicks on the ad, did not click – not paid.
  • Extended targeting – You can target your advertising to target audiences, location, interests, and more
  • Payment after results – Payment after 30 days – enough time to sell to customers before you spend money out of pocket.
  • Analysis and control – Advanced performance options, ad analysis, and full control.

What social media networks can I advertise?

Our company, Netolink, provides advertising solutions for the following social media networks:

  • Advertising on Facebook.
  • Advertising on Instagram.
  • Advertising on Pinterest.
  • Advertising on Twitter.
  • Advertising on LinkedIn.
  • Advertising on Vkontakte.

Each social media works differently and is suitable for different target audiences. However, we are experts in advertising solutions for these networks.

How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the services you offer, who your target audience is, who your customers are, what your advertising goal is, and more.

Second, we are building a strategy and formulating a work plan. Next, we’re starting to build a campaign for you as you define and target different parameters to reach the right audience for you, including research.

Then, we create relevant ads for you and direct customers to your landing page.

Once the campaign is active, we edit and manage it professionally to get you better results while maximizing efficiency and making effective use of your budget.

Do I need a landing page?

A landing page is a page where your customers leave contact information or purchase products directly from your site. When your customers see your ad on social media networks and then click on the ad, they land on a landing page.

If you have a landing page – great!

If you do not have a landing page – do not worry! We’ll build a high-quality landing page for you.

Social Media Advertising – Prices

The prices of the company are divided into 2:

  • Setting up a campaign (one-time payment) – This is the cost of creating your campaign, creating ads, targeting, and more.
  • Campaign management (varies by budget) – This is the cost of campaign management, including analytics services for ads, performance improvements, and other management information.

What can I advertise?

Great question! In fact, you can advertise anything that might contribute to your business provided it’s legal and complies with the advertising system guidelines. In general, you can advertise:

  • Ads to promote a new product in an e-commerce store.
  • A campaign of discount/benefit of service/solution as it is.
  • Ad series for holiday periods.
  • Ads designed to recruit new employees.
  • A campaign to increase the presence of your brand.
  • And more.

Is it possible to measure results?

Probably! We have a variety of tools to analyze the results of your campaign. The advertising system is one tool that allows you to receive information about campaign performance. Additional systems allow you to obtain more information while comparing additional parameters.

In addition, user analytics and monitoring systems can be embedded into your landing page so we can measure how many people landed on your landing page and how many people left contact details. We can measure conversions and then target more people.