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Social Media Marketing

Connect your brand with customers.

Social media marketing allows you to connect your business with your customers. Customers use social networks to share the moments of their lives with their friends and to discover new brands.

Your business can reach more customers through quality marketing and branding. With Netolink’s solution, you get all the tools and knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

What does the service include?

In order to provide the most effective service for you, the social media marketing solution includes among others:

  • Building strategy.
  • Setting Goal.
  • Manage presence on social networks.
  • Branding your business.
  • Adjusting content to consumers.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Improving Performance.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

  • Branding – Social networks are a great place to brand your business.
  • Flexible budget – As the budget grows – so does the performance.
  • No charge – Except for sponsored advertising, there is no payment to social networks.
  • For every business – No matter what your business offers – it’s right for you too.
  • Various formats – You can brand with photos, videos, surveys, and other formats.
  • Analysis and control- Advanced performance options, analysis, and full control.

What social networks can we promote?
Our company, Netolink, provides marketing solutions on the following social networks:

  • Facebook Marketing.
  • Twitter Marketing.
  • Instagram Marketing.
  • LinkedIn Marketing.
  • Google Plus Marketing.
  • WhatsApp Marketing.
  • Telegram Marketing.
  • Marketing in additional networks (Quora, Reddit, etc.).
  • Marketing in Vkontakte.
  • Marketing in Odnoklassniki.

Each social network operates in a different way and is suitable for different target audiences. However, we are experts in marketing solutions on these social networks.

How It Works?

First of all, we contact you to get information about your business, the services you offer, who your target audience is, who your customers are, what your marketing goal is, and more.

Second, we are building a strategy and formulating a work plan. Next, we review your assets and what actions have been taken to date about the branding and marketing of your business.

We then create relevant properties for you and define them correctly while targeting your target audience.

Once your assets are in the air, we create and add relevant posts and help increase users’ engagement with these assets.

Social Media Marketing – Prices

Netolink’s prices are divided into 2:

  • Property creation (one-time payment) – This is the cost of creating the property, targeting and other details.
  • Asset Management (fixed monthly payment) – This is the cost of managing the property, including adding content, increasing engagement, branding, analytics services, performance improvement and other management information.

Is it possible to measure results?

Probably! Each social network has an analytics system that allows you to get information and insights about performance, and you can connect them to other systems for more information.

In addition, user analysis and monitoring systems can be embedded into your website so that we can measure how many people have landed on your site and how many people have left contact details. We can measure conversions and then target more people.