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WhatsApp Business: Creating a link to send a message without saving a phone number (contact)

Business owners? marketing people? Want to know how to create a link that when clicked, customers can send a message to WhatsApp Business without saving the phone (contact)? We will explain to you how to do this.

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Link to WhatsApp

About WhatsApp business app we wrote a separate post that explains step-by-step how to do this. But then comes the simple step – how to get customers to send you a message? There are two main answers to this question:

  1. Ask your customers to save your phone number (hopefully they do).
  2. Create a unique WhatsApp link that does not require clients to save your phone number as a contact.

The first way is excellent, but it requires additional work from the customer. First, the customer needs to find your business phone number, then he has to manually enter the number and save a new contact and only finally he can send a message.

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Conversely, the second way is easier, the customer needs to click on a link that will be created and they can send you a message – without saving the phone. The only disadvantage in this way compared to the previous one is that you will not be able to distribute messages until they do not save the phone as a contact. However, even if they keep and you do not know it, you will not be able to send a distribution message, because you do not really know who added and who did not, until he sent you a message.

By the way… In this way, you can also send a message to your customer – no need to save his phone in contacts.

Advantages of WhatsApp link without saving a phone

Here are some key benefits:

  • More efficient – a customer does not need to perform additional operations, which makes it more efficient.
  • Suitable for WhatsApp businesses – the link itself is standard for every WhatsApp. Especially if you have a WhatsApp for business.
  • Easy to Create – Creating a unique link is simple and easy.
  • Pre-written message – You can create a pre-prepared message so that when you click on it, the message will be already written and the client should click only the “Send” button.
  • Not only messages but also call – this link opens the Watsap application with the call to you so the client can send or message or call you in WhatsApp.
  • Easy to share – You can share this link on your website, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and almost every other marketing channel.
  • Sponsored advertising – You can promote on Facebook or Instagram a sponsored post, by clicking on it, the application opens.
  • Mobile Web – This link can be used both in mobile and in Watsap Web.
  • Click Tracking – You can create an abbreviated link and so follow the ease on the link.

How do I create a link to send messages without adding contacts?

You can create a link like this and send messages by offering a feature called “WhatsApp Click to Chat”. Just for general purpose, in the past there was only one link, then Watsap bought a shortened link and you can do this operation there as well.

1. The link attribute looks like this:




Where <global-phone-number> represents your business phone number when converted to an international country code, with zero at the beginning and without the plus. Do not use dashes or minuses in a number, it should be connected.

It is important to note that wa.me is an abbreviated link so it is transmitted to the above number.

for example:

Your phone number is 212-012-3456 (USA). This number must be converted to an international prefix, the country code is +1, and the first digit and the plus should be removed. Therefore your international number is 12120123456.

Here’s how your link looks:




2. What about if you want to attach a pre-prepared message?

In this case, this link is used:




Where <your-text> represents the pre-prepared message. You do not need to add + between words, otherwise, the text will be connected together.

for example:

You will also want to add pre-written text “I’d love to hear about your solutions”, what do you do?

Here’s how your link looks:

https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=12120123456&text= I’d love to hear about your solutions


https://wa.me/12120123456/?text= I’d love to hear about your solutions

Pay attention:

A phone number cannot contain plus, minus, spaces, or parentheses – it must be an integer and continuous number. https://wa.me/+1 (212) 012-3456 – This is not normal.

How to send messages to a customer – without saving the phone

You can also send a message to your customer without saving the phone. Suppose the customer left you a message on the website or Facebook, and in the message, he asked to send him a quote or samples using the WhatsApp.

In this case, you can save his or her phone in Contacts or perform the same action – this time on your customer’s phone number. The link can be copied into a WhatsApp web or click from your mobile phone to open the application.

What else can you do?

Once you’ve created the link, you can create an abbreviated link using one of the free tools or by using a link to create a better link and avoid typos. A shortened link can also measure clicks on a link and so you will see how many clicks were and where.

The link can be added to your Facebook page, the Instagram page, the Telegram channel, or a sponsored advertisement on Facebook or Instagram.

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    1. Hi mitra WhatsApp allows you to broadcast to all your contacts. You can do that from WhatsApp as it is. No extra plugins or software.

  2. Is there any possibility to create text message from “input text” field (user enter details) instead of pre-defined text message.

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    in the test area how can I add a new line? also when I input the text with spaces between it the link does not work, it only worked when I connected the wordds with a – between each word (doing-as-so) however, even though it worked when opening the conversation the words appeared with a – as well instea of disappearing (appearing-as-so)
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