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How to be first on Google in organic (free, non-paid) search results?

If you are looking to promote your business, one of the things you will want to know is how to be first on Google, in the first result, this article explains in a few steps. It’s not easy, but sometimes it’s not that hard, so even a business owner can do it.

This article is aimed at organic search results, results that don’t pay you money.

Be first on Google… What does that mean?

Google is the world’s leading search engine with the largest market share compared to other search engines, according to data from companies surveying market shares.

A self-respecting business that wants to get new customers wants to be present on Google to drive traffic to his site, and customers can continue the process already at the site or business – by locating information, continuing to purchase, and so on.

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But… Being on Google (ie, appearing in search results) is not enough, because being on page 100, on page 10 or on page 1 – that’s a huge difference! But either being # 9 or # 1 on Google (both on the front page) is an even bigger difference in most cases.

Well, all of that background before was meant to explain that many businesses that already understand Google’s power and want to make it a necessary marketing channel – should be Google’s first place (or at least the high results), which makes perfect sense.

The first place means that your site ranks first on Google when a user enters a particular search keyword.

Note that when talking about Google on finance, you can divide it into 2 parts:

  • Google Organic – This is the part of the search engine that is responsible for the free results, including other Google properties like maps, businesses, images, videos, etc.
  • Google Sponsored – This is the part of the search engine responsible for the paid results, including ads, sponsored shopping content, and more.

This article only includes information about organic Google, because there is no connection between the two in terms of what actions to take to rank higher results. The effect of each other is negligible to zero.

Why is it worth being first on Google?

Well… there are lots of reasons why you should, and first place (#1):

  • According to data from various data companies and among others Advancedwebranking, the average clickthrough rate on the number 1 organic search result is at least about 33% (in some cases – much more).
  • Before researching company data, consumers tend to believe more in the first organic search results.
  • Top places and especially the first place places the business in a much better position than the competitors.
  • First place in a particular keyword helps promote more keywords to the same page and sometimes to other pages (from our data).
  • The first position on Google allows the creation of branding after which users can search for terms combined with the brand name.

So how to be first on Google?

In order to be the first place in Google, you need to perform a number of necessary steps which are the most basic steps, without which business cannot be promoted in the first place.

1. Build a Website

First of all, we need to mention some reservations here. Yes, it is also possible to be in the first place without a website, with a landing page built somewhere, with a page on a social network, with a business page on various sites, and even websites that you do not have full control of. But, this is not always possible and usually not necessarily good.

Building a website for your business is one of the most important assets you have – it’s not an expense or a commitment, it’s an asset. The site is fully owned and you decide everything about it, secondly, it also uses your business or marketing purpose, depending on the type of use.

You can build a website on your own, sometimes for free, or with web development and design company.

2. Keyword research

First place in Google, it’s the first place in a keyword, a certain keyword. Therefore, you need to choose the right keyword for you. Of course, there can be many or other keywords, but the important thing is to identify them all and segment them, then choose the ones that are right for you.

When a user searches for auto insurance, he or she is likely to be interested in purchasing auto insurance. Therefore, choosing an “insurance” keyword is completely wrong. The same goes for a house cleaning company, the word “cleaning” per se is completely wrong, and so on.

You can test and research keywords with a Google Ads tool, either in the Google search engine at the end of the results page or with the autocomplete option.

3. Competition research and searches

Once you have a keyword with which you want to move forward, do competition research, and search research on Google. Check out who shows up in Google in the high results, why the competitor appears there, what content he displays there, is there a certain bias of the word.

Check how many results this word has, how much the competitors on the results page are your competitors and not companies or entities like news sites and content. If search results have lots of competitors, one might consider another keyword at this time.

4. Content creation

After having the keyword, research on the word, and competitors – we need to create content. Content can be text, image, video, audio, or other advanced media.

The content created should be matched to the search done, we need to understand what the user wanted when searching for the word. Because Google prefers someone who answers the same user intent. The intention can also be identified when searching the word itself on Google.

For example, if a user is looking for a bouquet of flowers, maybe they want to buy a bouquet and then have to show the physical location of a business? Maybe he’s looking for a stranger’s idea and then showing pictures? Maybe he wants to buy online and then has to create a product page.

5. Link building

There is no doubt that this is a necessary stage. Links are the most traditional method with which search engines work and today is an important part of ranking results. New content you’ve just created has no links, it’s a good time to build them, both to allow the page to be displayed quickly in search results and to rank it in better positions.

You can build quickly by referring other pages on your site and you can also create them by creating external systems that are not your site. Like other sites, social networks, and more.

6. Improving and managing the process

To continue to be ranked high and to help rank, you need to improve the entire process, keywords, content, site including performance improvement, various studies, and more.

It’s really like buying a car. Buying a car does not mean that the chores are over. You need to purchase insurance, do the occasional cleaning, perform periodic treatments, perform tests, refuel your vehicle, and more.