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WhatsApp Business Catalog – How to showcase products and services to your customers

Business owners? Do you have an e-commerce or local store? You can showcase your products through the WhatsApp Business Catalog. When customers contact you, you can direct them directly to the product purchase website.

What is this catalog, who needs it and how to create – it’s all here.

What is the WhatsApp Business Catalog?

The WhatsApp Business Catalog is a WhatsApp Business tool that allows you to add products into a large collection of products into your business account. Viewing your product catalog in the app is another step and an important tool for promoting the products to your interested and regular customer audience.

Customers will be able to log into your WhatsApp business account and see all the products you offer in the catalog. In addition, when talking to the customer, you can select the catalog menu and then add to the call chat the product the customer wanted.

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The catalog helps a business owner who has an e-commerce site, ie if you sell the products through the website. But it’s not mandatory, so if you have a physical store, you can still upload the products there. Building the catalog is a relatively simple step and you can upload all your products there.

By the way… If you want to sell your products online, you can contact your development department and we will be happy to assist you and build an e-commerce store.

Who is it for?

The catalog is suitable for almost all types of businesses, if not all, in our estimation.

So, for example, it can fit if you have an online store or a local store that comes there customers – and you sell products like jewelry, clothing and footwear, perfumes, fruits and vegetables, electronics, supermarket and more.

Even if you sell services, it can suit you. For example, You are lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, renovation contractors, etc. – you can view your services.

What does the WhatsApp Business Catalog include?

All your products or services can be added to the catalog. The catalog is a collection or list of everyone.

The catalog includes the following information:

  • Products / Services List – Up to 500 products or services can be uploaded.
  • Business Name and Description – The information is taken from your business profile (WhatsApp Business).

Each product includes the following information:

  • Images – A picture of your product or service is very important. You can add up to 10 photos to the product and you should upload high-quality photos. Each photo is reviewed by WhatsApp to make sure it meets the terms of use.
  • Product or service name – It is worth giving a brief, unique and poignant description.
  • Price – If there is a standard price for the product you can specify this.
  • Description – You can elaborate further on the product to explain to customers what it includes.
  • Link – If you have an e-commerce store, it’s time to attach a direct link to the product on the site.
  • Code – If you have inventory managers and you have a product or service code, this is the place to specify.

What Are the Benefits of a WhatsApp Business Catalog?

Here are all the key benefits of the catalog:

  • Free use – WhatsApp’s business catalog is free, no money is paid for it.
  • More visibility – Your customers can be exposed to your products in another location.
  • Easy sharing – Easily share a product from a catalog by the business owner or customer.
  • Website Catalog Link – There is currently no automatic or direct connection, but adding a link within the product page to the site makes it very easy for your customer’s purchase process.

Disadvantages of the catalog

There are also some disadvantages:

  • Only up to 500 products are restricted.
  • Products cannot be uploaded automatically or by other methods.
  • Products cannot be uploaded through the computer – only in a phone app.

How to create a catalog in WhatsApp?

There is no need to create the catalog and it is automatically created. As soon as products or services are added – the catalog becomes accessible and is also visible to the customers who appear on WhatsApp.

To access it, click the 3 dots at the top of the WhatsApp Business app, then click Settings, then click Business Settings, and then click Catalog.

How to add products or services to the catalog?

To add products to the catalog, you must first enter it, as it was written before.

Then, click on the green plus and there add pictures, product or service name, price, website link, description and more. In the end, click Save to upload it to the catalog.

Want a video? This is what it looks like:

How to delete products or services?

If you want to delete the product or service, please log in first. You then have to access the product or service you want to remove, then press and hold, and then click Delete.

How to share and send the products or services to customers?

You can share and ship the products or services from the catalog directly to your customers in one of the following ways:

  • From a private or group chat – Click the Add icon next to the text field and then click Catalog. Then select the product and click Forward.
  • From the Business Catalog – Enter to the catalog, select the product or service and then click the View details. Then select the chat you want to share and then click Send.

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