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Elementor – What It Is, Is It Worth It, How It Is Used And More Information [Comprehensive Guide]

Elementor is one of the most recommended plugins for WordPress when we want to design or build a website of any type or e-commerce store for selling products. It is not always used, but it certainly makes the job easier.

This guide explains all about you and more tips.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build pages and websites on top of the world’s most popular content management system. The plugin is from a company that also has its name, which was established in 2016.

The plugin actually allows you to build pages customized on WordPress sites and add certain elements to it (such as titles, texts, images, sliders, videos, maps, icons, and more). The premium version also makes it possible to replace extensive parts of the template, and build entire sites in a customized way.

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  • Elementor PRO - a WordPress page building plugin (recommended).
  • JetPlugins - an extension plugin for Elementor (recommended).
  • Astra PRO - a WordPress theme among the best.

Beyond that, today there are a lot of plugins that they provide “extensions” to the Elementor plugin, so you can get more elements that are not included in the company’s versions. This created easier tools for creating websites in WordPress.

WordPress originally did not include page design in the past (until the launch of the default content editor “Gutenberg”). But only through plugins that existed even before the launch of Elementor, such as WPBakery or Visual Composer.

Elementor succeeded very quickly because it made it possible to design pages in a simpler way (compared to the previous 2) with the possibility of dragging an element and dropping it where you want it to be displayed. It also made it possible to add a simpler interface, with advanced tools and especially with adaptation to right-to-left sites.

Elementor benefits – why is it worth it?

Elementor is a very useful plugin in cases where you want to design pages. These are the main benefits:

  • No coding knowledge – You can design pages without having to understand code or software. (However, it does not address advanced cases where code work is required).
  • Does not materially impair site speed – any WordPress plugin presented to the user affects the loading speed. But Elementor does not significantly hurt the speed of your site.
  • Suitable for any theme – Elementor suitable for any design template installed on the site.
  • Free version – Elementor includes a free version with over 5 million downloads and installations through WordPress.org.
  • There is technical support – you can get technical support in WordPress forums or through a company that provides a solution in the field.
  • Additional extensions – The version has additional extensions, some paid and some free, which gives you more tools.

Elementor – features, and tools for designing pages

So after we have explained what it is and why it is worthwhile, here comes the stage of explaining the features and tools that the free plugin offers and they are:

  • Titles and texts – can be designed in a custom way, including size, location, color, background color, spacing, and more.
  • Photos and videos – You can add photos and videos to the designed page, even add them as a background.
  • Buttons – You can add specially adapted buttons for action.
  • Icons – You can add features or benefits by displaying visual icons.
  • Gallery and Carousels – Suitable for those who want to show the list of projects or their customers in one place.
  • Accordions – Suitable for page design using a collapsable display of content.
  • Separator and Divider – allowing you to separate or space elements.
  • Columns – To display content in several columns in the same row.
  • Google Maps – Option to view a map and location of your business.
  • And more…

In addition, the $49 paid pro version offers additional features such as:

  • Pop-ups – to allow the user to see a registration pane when clicking a button for example.
  • Headers design – You can design headers and footers (menus and credits).
  • Dynamic content – content that is obtained from a particular source in an adapted way.
  • Design other page types – you can design “not found” pages, categories, custom pages, and more.
  • Ready-made designs – you can choose pre-made templates or designs.
  • Forms – You can create contact forms or others.
  • Suitable for WooCommerce – Additional tools for e-commerce sites.
  • And more…

Again, there are other plugins that provide extensions to Elementor, you can read about this in the article on recommended plugins for WordPress.

How to use with Elementor?

Elementor is a tool with almost unlimited options, so not everything can be listed here. However, we will explain the basics of using the plugin.

1. Download and install

First of all, download the official plugin in the WordPress plugins library here. If you have a website, just go to Control Panel > go to the Plugins menu > New Plugin > Enter in the “Elementor” search field. Then, click Install and then Activate.

If a wizard appears that explains with steps, you can click X to close it. You can always access this wizard.

2. Using the plugin

To use the plugin, you must choose which page you want to design. Suppose you are interested in designing your “about” page. Therefore, go to this page in the “Pages” menu and then click Edit.

There you will be presented with the option to edit the page with Elementor. By clicking on it, you can design the same page using Elementor. You will be taken to the preview of the page and a menu will appear on the side that includes the tools and elements that can be added.

Once you want to add, say a title, then select the title element and drag it to the part you want to display. By clicking on this part in the preview, you can design it with the existing tools. At the end click save.

This is what it looks like:

Explain how Elementor works

Elementor settings

Elementor allows you to set additional settings such as which page types can be formatted, setting default colors and fonts, adjusting styles, displaying CSS files and experiments. As a rule, there is no need to change these settings, because the default is usually suitable for almost everyone.

After all, in order to design beautiful and tailored sites, one needs to learn more and get to know Elementor up close. As we have said – he is with almost infinite abilities. Therefore, it is recommended to visit an Elementor course or if you would like to contact a company that deals with building, design, and web development, which is also use this tool.